Zayden - SOLD

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Haike 482
Friesian Sire


Felle 422
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Zayden is not just any 'ole friesian--- this boy will be your best friend!!   Winning points in L2 Dressage, now showing M Level (2nd Level), 5 yrs old, and already a GELDING:) 


164 cm and still growing (just over 16 hands)----- Zayden is safe, safe, safe, ok for a baby to ride, or your grandma!

Bred in DENMARK and sired by the SPORT approved stallion, Haike SPORT, and out of a STER mare by the SPORT stallion, Felle SPORT.  Zayden might be young in years, but what a GOOD THINKING, EASY to ride and sit boy he is!!  With the OH SO sought after  dressage show experience!!


He is suitable for any kind of rider. He is not only super safe and friendly for an amateur, but also fun to ride if you want to compete in dressage. His gaits are very comfortable. Both vetcheck and x-rays available for review with your vet.  You can take him to a competition by yourself in the trailer, he’s not spooked or overwhelmed with ANYTHING, he just thinks it’s fun to go on a trip!

Here is what  his last owner has to say about him "I first tried him when he was 4 weeks under the saddle as a 3 year old stallion. My cousin who trains stud stallions told me she found the perfect horse for me both in looks and character and that I should come try him out. She didn’t tell me which horse it was when I arrived at the stables and I walked right up to his stall because he is so handsome ( much more so in real life than in pictures). I never rode a young stallion before him and right away he gave me the most secure and safe feeling. He would stop and stand still before doing anything wrong. He was a little above my budget but I knew he is the kind of horse you want as a friend for life. He makes me laugh every day because he really has a sense of humor, I can play tag with him, we are working on playing catch and he just plain loves to be around people. If it’s sunny and we are having coffee outside, he’ll come and hang with us instead of eat his way through the pasture. He comes when I call him and he does it so dramatically, all the herds start running with him.
When riding, he knows when he is doing a good job and he loves to hear it. We have competed throughout the summer and fall of 2019 and worked our way through almost 3 levels. We were in the top 5 in probably 90% of our competitions. We were 5th at the Regional Championships and competed at the National Championships. Judges love him for his looks and everytime i earned a remark about how gorgeous he is,  on my test remarks! He does not have high knee action, which makes him very comfortable to ride for all level riders. He adjusts to his rider as I have put a 4 year old girl on him and he was so careful and protective, but at the same time when I have a lesson with my trainer and I fire him up, he delivers.
I went to several competitions by myself with the little truck, he loves it! Saddling him by myself in a strange environment is fine by him, as long as he can take a look around. Walking past large flagpoles, food booths, judges tables, etc etc is never a problem, he is just happy to be there and on an adventure with me (his rider)."


Motherline IMPECCABLE:



Bday 2/23/15


Has already been gelded and thoroughly vetted, and ready to go to his new forever home! Price INCLUDES import and quarantine to NY. LAX is 2k more.


This one will NOT last at this price!!! We got a good deal on Zayden, and are passing it onto YOU! Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for the inside scoop on this teddy bear personality, reasonably priced friesian gelding for sale! 



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