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Mr T


Alke 468
Friesian Sire


Onne 376
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Phenomenal EXPERIENCED STER 6 yr old friesian for sale.



He is a WOW! This 6 year-old boy has got that gorgeous BLACK shiny long mane and coat with tons of feathers EVERYONE is seeking!!! ~ T is a POWERFUL horse with lots of elasticity, yet safe enough for the timid or novice rider!  He has a friendly character, a willing attitude and always gives 100%, he wants to please his rider!!!  What a people horse!! Such a sweet boy, you will see in the videos how easily he is also handled without a saddle OR bridle!! He has strong hind legs and impulsion, with great gaits and i love his easy collected canter.


  Mr T has it ALL:  jet black, long fairytale hair and  stop you in your tracks WOW presence, hard to come by FAIRYTALE appearance, as if he just walked out of your childhood dream, poodle like feathering, chosen as TOP 10% for conformation and movement, becoming STER, has the hard to come by rare 2nd level dressage show experience, AND has exhibited not once but TWICE in the Friesian Proms at the stallion show---an invitation only exhibition in front of thousands of cheering fans, AND has shown successfully in single, pairs, and 4 in hand driving, and will safely take a small child, or your grandmother, on a trail with loud back firing trucks driving by, and he is the safest horse you have ever seen. 

This is the "CHECKS ALL THE BOXES" kind of dream horse you have waited your whole life for, and i promise, this one will NOT last. This horse is a real athlete and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!


Clean x-rays, new clinical veterinary check.

Call janna at 415-272-2112, this one will not last!


Performed in the last 2 Friesian Proms at the Stallion Show, winning points (read: scoring ABOVE 65%) in 2nd Level Dressage; Experienced driving as single, pair, and 4 in hand, LONG  HAIR, no saddle/no bridle, NO PROBLEM!  


Comes with thorough pre purchase exam and xrays available for review with your vet.


VERY safe horse to take ANYWHERE---GREAT on trails by himself! I rode him at the beach--love this boy!!

$39,900 to NY. $41,900 to LAX, Miami, or Canada.

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