Phryso STER and SPORT - SOLD

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Phryso STER and SPORT


Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Weird 409
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17.1 hands

NOT Often do we find SUCH TALENTED TALL boys!! Phyrso is a GOOD ONE!


And just about everyone that has seen  him in action AGREES!  This born and bred  in Denmark 174 cm tall Norbert SPORT son has a pedigree designed for PERFORMANCE... out of a KROON mare, his motherline is textbook perfect, for those of you looking for a friesian bred to excel in the sport of dressage:




Phryso has lived at his breeder in Denmark for his entire life---this is NOT a horse that has been passed around! He comes out of the same motherline as  the Approved stallion, Yme 507, and in fact is FROM the same breeder of this approved stallion!

He received  his SPORT predicate in Denmark in Dressage and is a REALLY talented sporthorse with a huge heart, and willingness to work andd learn. Has enough go,  but also has a great character and is easy to work with. We are working on his flying changes right now with Phryso, and he is doing great with them:).

As you can see in the videos above, he is also great in harness.  Note: Phryso is the horse on the RIGHT in the videoclip above, driving in the pair. Long neck, very upright, this TALL impressive friesian fella is an all around winner, also suitable for show driving, or sadddleseat, because of his upright conformation, and phenomenal gaits.



The Dutch Judges sure were impressed with him---he was in the 70 day test!!!


Bday 3/24/13

LOW In Breeding 3.32%

Stam line 25, one of the highest percentages of approved stallions come out of THIS line!

Only 7 yrs old, and already competing and coming out on TOP in 3rd level dressage. Here are Phryso's scores from the last 4 competitions---where he WON the majority of the time!!






Yep, not only did the Dutch Judges agree on his tippy TOP conformation and movement---the dressage Judges in Denmark ALSO agree, this amazing fella is one of the BEST we have ever seen, in the sport of DRESSAGE!

He is just a Wow!


 We are so excited to offer this incredible opportunity to our clients that truly want the best of the BEST! While in Holland, we fell in love with this STUNNING tall athlete. We think he is one of the most talented Friesian dressage horses in the world, and he has the temperament to match. He has such an IMPRESSIVE stature, its hard not to gasp when you are graced by his presence.  And it’s his precisely correct movement that have the Dressage Judges handing out blue ribbons.



Phryso has the talent to be your Grand Prix horse. He  WINS almost every time out, and has already acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate for his high scores in 3rd level dressage, AND not all friesians can do flying changes easily----but for Phryso, NO problem at all! Well started on piaffe and passage as well.  He is thinks wonderfully, and has 3 expressive excellent gaits. He is a  ONE OF A KIND magnificent Friesian for dressage,  for sale.  Phryso will likely NOT last. 


Thoroughly vetted and x-rayed, x-rays available for review with your vet.


Call Janna for the inside scoop: 415-272-2112. Buy him NOW for ONLY $44,900. Price will be going up once he arrives at our stable. 


Buying Price:


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