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Friesian Sire


Remmelt 323
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Don't miss this sweetheart--- we got a great deal on Cees, and we are passing it on to YOU! 

 If you are looking for a horse the whole family can enjoy, without breaking the bank--- this 11 yr old  FPS/FHANA registered imported friesian gelding is the ticket!

Excellent pedigree--- sired by Dries (who is a son of our fav approved stallion, JASPER SPORT PREF), and out of a tall, long haired ster mare by Remmelt (who is sired by another of our all time FAVORITE approved stallions, EVER, the one and only HAIR man, Oege Pref!)

1st premie 

Bday is 6/2/08, and he stems from stam line 172.

AND he isn't just a great all around pleasure, trail, dressage, western, bareback boy---he is also a VERY experienced carriage driving horse, and  was used extensively, pulling a fancy carriage, at his previous home. 

He is kind and VERY easy to handle.  Just take a look at his very nice conformation and he has three strong gaits. He has an EXTREMELY  long thick mane, forelock and tail. And he also has huge feathers-----no lack of hair on this experienced man!!

This is one gentle gelding with MUCH experience in all kinds of different settings! If you are looking for a really sweet, kid friendly, husband safe, BEEN THERE- DONE THAT kind of gelding---with an incredibly kind soul, you can’t beat  Cees.

He is an absolute sweetheart, and goes frequently on  trails AND in traffic---no problem for Cees! Cees looks like something out of a movie when ridden, like Ladyhawke----he is QUITE IMPRESSIVE, with a LOT of hair.

He is doing very well in dressage, and could easily be a solid mid-level contender, but he also loves the trails so much, he would be ideal for someone to use him in that capacity as well.

If you are looking for an exceptionally sweet, kind, giving horse, Cees may just be your new best friend.

Cees loves human attention and stands quietly for hours to have his hair washed and brushed.

We love Cees's kind personality (he is a people pleaser), has a good work ethic, loves trail rides, has a solid dressage foundation, has three really good gaits, is nice and quiet, responsive, and on the bit. This one is VERY easy to ride ANYWHERE, and friendly and so easy to handle, even a child, or your grandma, can ride him!

In short, Cees is a great all-around leisure/pleasure/trail/lower-level dressage horse!

Price includes import and quarantine to NY.  Los Angeles is 2k more;  and he comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase. 

Super safe,  good for each rider and driver, regardless of their level or expertise!!  This is a gentle giant that truly is good for people that have had a bad experence, and are timid.





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