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Tsjalke 397
Friesian Sire


Sierk 326
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Julius 486

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

RARE OPPORTUNITY to acquire a 7 year old pregnant FAIRYTALE LOOKING mare (in foal to the approved stallion Julius and due april 20, 2020) AND  has already acquired the STER and SPORT predicates!! Wow--- ideal conformation and movement, according to the Dutch Judges AND scoring above 65% in 3rd level dressage!!  168 cm, which translates to just over 16.2 hands TALL---this is not a short stubby mare!! 


Merje has acquired 5 winning points in Z level dressage (which is equivalent to our 3rd level without the changes).  And she REALLY has a lot of competition experience... she started  at B level and acquired 10 winning points in each level, before moving up from B, to L1, to L2, to M1, to M2, to Z.  And thats not all, Merje is an experienced driving horse and  is First Level Dressage Driving!!


 She likes going on trails, in the woods, and likes water and riding at the beach too!  FANTASTIC ALL AROUND  FAMILY HORSE that LOVES trail riding with you!!! 


And this is big...... she loves dogs!!!


Merje has had two foals in her 7 yrs of life, when she is not busy galloping at the beach, or  giving the warmbloods a run for their money in sport, she is busy being a proven producer of TOP quality offspring.  She gave birth in 2017 to a beautiful girl (sired by Epke), pictured above. In 2018 she had  a sport year --quickly climbing up the levels in dressage, and this year she had a colt (sired by Julius), that is still by her side, and going to the keuring to get a premie on Aug 22, in the Netherlands. Her 2 yr old filly has not been to an inspection.


She is negative for dwarfism and has VERY long hair, and she likes hugs and kisses. Always happy, this is NOT your typical moody mare!!  Merje is nice to other horses.  Merje is trained by the same rider that trained and showed the gelding, Spirit, before we imported and sold him to Leona Lewis!! Merje likes to work, and she is EASY to ride,  not strong and not lazy.... JUST RIGHT! 


She looks like a fairytale and she is---inside and out!   What a sweet, kind, TALENTED ster and sport friesian mare for sale!! Merje comes with a full set of x-rays taken mid july, 2019, and available for review by your vet.


You cant beat the STRONG LINES of this exceptional  STER and SPORT mare:

She is out of a KROON PREST dam, whose mother is MODEL, her Gr Grandmother is STER+PREF-and Gr Gr grandmother is STER+PREF.

Sired by the great Tsjalke X Sierk

Bday 4/4/12 with a low 3.13% inbreeding, and stemming from Stam Line 49. 

This is one unique find---as talented as our dressage geldings, yet  a tremendous value, as Merje can be imported  as a superb 2 for 1 value, and she will give you a foal in Apr 2020, or buy her as a 3 for 1 deal, and we will import this pregnant STER and SPORT mare for you with her Julius colt by her side!  YOU decide, and give janna a call at 415-272-2112, and let her know your preference.  But don't wait too long, or this mare will be gone....she is a GOOD one, and hard to find!

Two for One: Merje is $35,900 INCLUDING import and quarantine to NY, confirmed in foal to Julius. Or to LAX, Chicago or Canada for $37,900

Three for One:  Pregnant Merje is $45,900 including import and quarantine to NY with her weanling Julius colt by her side; LAX, Chicago and Canada are $2k more: $47,900 to LAX with her colt flown to the US by her side



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