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Maurits 437
Friesian Sire


Wobke 403
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Tobin is a SUPER  sweet 5 year old gelding.
He has a beautiful front, fantastic uphill build, and his movement is powerful---excellent propulsion from behind!!
Ideal conformation, first premie, and 3 VERY good gaits.


And he is going  M1 Dressage (2nd level!!)


We like to take Tobin on trail rides and to the beach, because he is such a good behaving boy---the rider can really ENJOY their time in the saddle, and not have to worry about their safetyJ


And Tobin is trained to drive and experienced doing exhibitions.


We also really like Tobin because he is uncomplicated and wants to please! He loves to work and has a soft character that is very patient and forgiving. Tobin is very calm and relaxed with a beginner type rider, but is also VERY competitive for an ambitious dressage rider. He is responsive to the seat and will always give you what you are asking for.  He is so comfortable, he is like sitting on your favorite recliner! He is very smooth to ride, great if you have any lower back problems.  But he also has three fantastic gaits with excellent propulsion. He has a lovely canter, especially for a five year old Friesian.


Tobin has a gentle, old soul. This is a RARE good one. He is spectacular for his age! He is only 5 years old but already going 2nd level dressage.  AND has tons of experience riding all through the streets of Holland, AND on trails. You will have a BLAST on this boy!


This is an outstanding opportunity to get a wonderful 2nd level horse with lots of experience at a great age! He is so sweet; he will make you fall in love! He is ready to make someone a lifetime companion and can help you achieve your goals in the dressage arena.


He is trained to drive as a single, in a pair, and in a four in hand, and he did a superb job as the right wheeler in a thrilling carriage driving exhibition, with loud noise, smoke and gun fire at the 2019 Stallion Show in Leeuwarden!! Only 5 yrs old,  just amazing in front of this standing room only world event in January,  AND he is a SUPER 2nd level dressage horse!!


What a FUN to ride horse!


If you are looking for a fantastic versatile boy that is good for dressage, trail rides and great for pulling your carriage, Tobin is your man!!


The pictures don’t do him justice----this is a TALENTED boy!!  You can’t beat the pedigree on this Maurits son…. Motherline: STER-STER-STER-Ster+Pref

Bday 6/14/14

$29,900 including import and quarantine into NY or $31,900 into LAX, Chicago, Calgary or Toronto…give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 for more info!

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