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Eibert 419
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

This is one  SPECIAL 6 yr old  SPORT gelding, that moves so well--- he will be a top show horse in ANY discipline, for you!!  Only 6 yrs old, with his whole LIFE ahead of him, and already Sven Sport has accrued 10 winning points in Z dressage....that's because the dressage Judges LOVE this boy, and he wins almost everytime out!!


Looking for the BEST, training flying changes, and ready for Z2 dressage??  Here he IS!  16.1 hands, with a TOP tier pedigree, sired by the champion Eibert 410 SPORT and out of a ster mare  sired by the  immensely popular Leffert SPORT PREFERENT, Sven has a motherline chock full of STER predicates, for a reason. He was BRED for being a top sporthorse!!




Extraordinary opportunity to own an absolutely gorgeous, trained and experienced 6 year old friesian gelding.  Sven SPORT is good thinking, not spooky, perfectly forward and moves easily off your aids!! He is truly the dream dressage sporthorse. This boy has outstanding presence. He will steal the show. He is the Maserati of the Friesian breed. His conformation, head and neck are absolutely magnificent. He is like a warmblood, with a friesian temperament--- perfect in every way, for the picky dressage trainers that would rather their clients buy a “hot” warmblood, but the clients want a horse they can trust and ENJOY their time in the saddle on! He has long legs and fluffy, beautiful feathers! This boy should be a model, with his shiny black coat and LONG flowing hair!! If you are looking for a real special, storybook looking  TALENTED Friesian,  with an unparalleled show record BEATING warmbloods in competition, Sven SPORT is for you!

With his conformation, movement, and one of a kind pedigree, and highly coveted SPORT predicate, which is PROOF that Sven is doing what is required in upper level dressage…. And not “just doing”, but EXCELLING and WINNING, we can honestly say SVEN is one of the most talented young sporthorse Friesians for sale anywhere.

One of our favorite things about Sven SPORT is that he is not only competitive in upper level dressage, but he is also very easy  and uncomplicated to ride. He will take care of you, if you are just learning.

This boy, with a low 2.15% inbreeding and stemming from stam line 93, has outstanding breeding. Sven has free shoulders, elastic moment and a huge scope. He shows the same athleticism as his father, the approved SPORT stallion Eibert 410.  Eibert is known for producing very competitive sport horses. We can see this in Sven SPORT!


He is not spooky! He is very brave. You can take him out for a hack and then to a dressage competition. These type horses are VERY hard to find! He will not last long. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this horse.

Bday 4/26/13...that's right, Sven hasnt even turned 6 yet this year, AND he has already acquired the highly coveted, difficult to attain, SPORT predicate, for his high scores in 3rd level competition!

He didnt just get 5 points (required for the SPORT predicate), nooooooo, Sven obtained 10 points in Z level, and is ready for the next level:)

We just had Sven SPORT xrayed, all GOOD, and radiographs are available for review with your vet.


Sven SPORT is ready to go to his new forever home, and his price includes import and quarantine to NY.   Import to Chicago, LAX, Miami, or Canada is 2k more. 


This is a TOP dressage horse with a PROVEN track record scoring 70% in 3rd level---if you are looking for a partner for FEI levels, that is young enough to be competitive for MANY MANY years to come, Sven SPORT is your man!

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