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Michiel 442
Friesian Sire


Gerryt 360
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

We are THRILLED to be able to offer this super sweet gelding, with amazing movement, AND scoring above 60% in 4th level dressage!!
Apollo SPORT has confirmed flying changes and they are easy to do even if you are not an experienced high level dressage rider!

I rode this dressage schoolmaster for sale at the beach recently---- looking for a horse you can COUNT on being well behaved and super easy when you are away from home?? Here He Is!  Apollo loves the beach!

He also participated in one of the biggest horse exhibitions, being both ridden AND driven, at the Stallion Show in 2018 in Leeuwarden----he was so brave, he did amazing and was by far one of the best, most consistent performers in the Friesian Proms!

Apollo doesn't JUST have  scores above 60% in Z2 Dressage (4th Level), he is also a very experienced marathon driving horse, and has a barrelful of championships driving as a single, in a pair and in a 4 in hand!
AND this 8 yr old gelding has a full set of clean x-rays available for review with your vet.

Earning the Sport predicate is not an easy feat.... Sport status is a highly sought after achievement--meaning he has more than five scores of 60% or higher in 3rd level dressage competition. Apollo has lots of competition experience competing in the upper levels!

If you are looking for a REAL schoolmaster, that can teach YOU the upper levels, Apollo is for YOU!  He is incredibly easy to ride! He gaits are smooth, great if you have lower back problems. He is forward when you ask him to be, but is very quiet with a timid rider. What a brave horse--- He loves to trail ride both in groups and alone.

Apollo is very talented, and is a completely finished, drive off the show room floor kind of horse with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and a proven show record with many years ahead of him, and no need to spend extra money on training,  kind of horse. This beautiful boy is already a total schoolmaster and very easy to ride.


Be one of the VERY few to own a FRIESIAN in N America, that is competing, and winning, with solid flying changes, AND is suitable for a novice dressage rider, AND has acquired the highly sought after SPORT predicate!
In short, there aren't many Friesians with SOLID flying changes, with THIS MUCH experience in all kinds of different settings, available at a reasonable price--- Apollo SPORT will NOT last! This is a GREAT buy on an extremely well trained horse, appropriate for a novice or timid or beginner rider, with 3rd party verification that he is doing what is required of the upper levels of dressage. And scoring above 60%, in Z2 Dressage!

 ***In the photos above in the pair, Apollo is on the driver's LEFT---performing in front of record breaking crowds at the stallion show, Jan  10, 2019!!

Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info!

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