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Doaitsen 420
Friesian Sire


Ritse 322
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Wharton is one of the sweetest Friesians you will meet--AND an IDEAL age of 8, with MUCH experience in MANY different settings!!! What a golden character and a fantastic brain---we took  this 8 yr old TALL friesian gelding to the beach recently, and allowed a very novice rider on him----and  Wharton was SOOO well behaved!! Check out the video above of Wharton and his young rider, galloping on the beach, with no hands!! !  Very well ridden under saddle  and well trained to drive, AND an EXCELLENT DRESSAGE PROSPECT!


Wharton was one of our special picks on our trip to Holland, because  he is so safe, and EASY for every level of rider. This tall, dark and handsome friesian gelding has a super temperament and very talented for dressage---AND he is equally as comfortable  out on the trails by himself, or in traffic!  What great movement this boy has!! He has lots of talent, and 3 easy to sit gaits!  He is very brave, even in the crashing surf for the first time!


This is a TERRIFIC buy on a 16.3 hand friesian gelding that is suitable for beginners or novice riders-----He is an old soul, and only 8 yrs old:)


We think he is an excellent dressage prospect with his outstanding movement. He is forward, but very controllable. He is not a lazy horse, yet you can safely  drop the reins and gallop on a long stretch of beach, and not have to worry---Wharton has excellent brakes.


He learns  very quickly and has lots of talent, and at 170 cm, this boy is IMPRESSIVE.  AND very eager to learn. Wharton moves off your hand and leg very easily. AND he has a phenomenal canter!

This boy is very comfortable to ride, he will not throw you out of the saddle. Great if you have lower back problems. You will have a BLAST on him---and can literally feel safe taking him ANYWHERE!


Sired by the  SPORT approved stallion, Doaitsen, and out of one of Oege Preferent's sons, Ritse, Wharton has an excellent pedigree, and stems from stam line 15.  B-day is 7/1/10. 

Wharton comes with a recent pre-purchase exam.

Wharton is such a sweetheart and a great buy ---this one wont last, at this price!

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