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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands


This 7 yr old friesian for sale literally HAS IT ALL.

Beautiful LONG mane, good build, AMAZING character, SUPER Easy to Ride, even for a rank novice or beginner, and 1st-2nd level dressage.  This stallion (price includes castration prior to import if you prfer a gelding!) is the fanciest, BEST looking, BEST behaving boy around.... he is quite simply a WOW!!!


Fantastic pedigree sired by our favorite approved stallion of all time, Jasper SPORT & Pref and dam is a STER mare by the one and only LEFFERT SPORT & Pref, he has an amazing FULL pedigree:




B-day 5/5/11


stam line 45

Tiago is an amazingly nice 7 year old FRIESIAN for sale. They don't come much sweeter or gentler than this!!!!

In dressage, Tiago is 1st -2nd level dressage. This boy is top notch!


Tiago is a very easy stallion, price INCLUDES cost of castration before import---we will likely import him as a gelding; his temperament is to DIE FOR!


Clean X-rays.


Tiago was very well bred and raised with the utmost care and attention, and is double trained to both RIDE and DRIVE, with dressage SHOW and exhibition experience!  His incredible  pedigree is just what the dutch Judges are looking for...

Stam line has unbroken ster predicates through out!


The quality of this stallion is evident in his very athletic build and his amazing disposition! We will likely castrate Tiago before import, as most boarding facilities do not allow stallions.


Tiago is a gorgeous FRIESIAN that is a joy to work with. This IDEAL aged stallion is very trusting, calm and relaxed. He has no stallion manners whatsoever.

He has a strong work ethic, ideal conformation, and beautiful movement, and is very suitable for competitive dressage AND is just plain FUN to be around and handle!!


Tiago stands 16.1 hand tall.


Tiago is a VERY reasonably priced GORGEOUS stallion, price INCLUDES castration; he is already showing all the majestic, masculine beauty of the Friesian breed, and he sports an excellent pedigree with a disposition to die for -with a solid dressage foundation!


Buy him now, before his price goes up!!

 -stam line 45, how many Jasper Sport Pref X Leffert Sport Pref friesian stallions do you know? NOT many!  Tiago is a GOOD one!

Price includes import and quarantine to NY, LAX, or Canada as a gelding. Import as a stallion is an additional 30 day cem quarantine, approx additional $6500 USD.


Buying Price:


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