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Folkert 353
Friesian Sire


nammen 308
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

What a nice friesian horse with a lovely character. Fabian is a real DRESSAGE schoolmaster, SHOWING 4TH LEVEL, 9 years old, Folkert x Nammen.


Fabian is a very sweet and comfortable to sit friesian for sale! He is easy to ride and light in the hand. His owner is an older woman and she increased her level of trust in riding, and increased her self confidence, by owning this marvelous SCHOOLMASTER for the last 5 years! She sold him to us with pain in her heart, but she has a new young horse and can not take care of two horses.


Fabian lives on a Farm with alot of tractors and other agricultural machines----- he is used loud tractors and such. This is a very easy going, calm boy, no matter the circumstance or noise!


It is very rare to find a friesian with  flying changes, and Fabian's young rider  recognized Fabian's talent---and this year taught him the changes----hence they started Z2 dressage ( 4th level) with scores above 60%, and now have winning points in Z2 dressage! Previously they showed  3rd level and have 23 winning points in Z1...this really PROVES his ability (the horse must score above 60% in order to get a winning point!). This is one EXPERIENCED dressage horse! Fabian has won a LOT of prizes (see pic of ribbons on 2nd page of photos above) and frequently score above 65%! Fabian also did musical freestyles with his young rider, which you can see in one of the youtube clips above.


Also the 10 and 12 yr old neighbor girls  with no experience ride Fabian---he is about as bombproof as the come---a REAL gentle SCHOOLMASTER! And EXCELLENT on trails---if you are looking for SAFE, sane, sound, Fabian is an excellent choice!

His combination number is 674393FW

Fabian has a set of clean X Rays, taken in 2017, and a brand new thorough comlete physical exam with flexion testing.

Fabian is a very healthy and strong friesian gelding for sale----- he is always happy! He has never been sick or unsound.

Fabian also loves playing in the water-- and ocean! This is not only a winning dressage show horse, but also a very easy to handle gentle giant in every situation---- what a nice calm steady eddy to LEARN from!  And Fabian is an ideal age of 9 years old---there are very few KFPS/FHANA registered 4th level dressage friesians for sale with this much experience!


He’s 168 cm tall and xrays are available for review with your vet.

We are looking for a lovely home for Fabian,  with a nice new "person" for Fabian to love. Would you like to have years of pleasure with this amazing SWEET and TALENTED boy???  He is a real schoolmaster and an amazing CONFIDENCE BUILDER!

This goreous friesian gelding for sale has JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE!!!!

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