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Djoerd 473
Friesian Sire


Doeke 287
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wimer 461

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

GORGEOUS TALL Mare Confirmed in Foal to the Approved Stallion, Wimer!!!! 


AND she has tons of Charisma, she looks like she is ready to take her knight in shining armour into battle with her LONG upright neck,  bell bottom feathers, and a thick plush tail. This 3 yr old studbook mare has power, elasticity, and elegant grace, AND is very gentle and EASY to ride for the rider just starting out, AND a wonderful driving partner---she has completed the ABFP test with excellent scores for both riding AND driving!  


Wille has a sweet temperament, an excellent solid work ethic, and a very willing nature. She is a JOY for the whole family to ride. AND this gal also loves to go on trails, AND she is a DELIGHT to drive:)


 She is good horse for a beginner, or as an all around pleasure/trail/dressage horse the whole family can enjoy!!

If you are looking for a super uncomplicated, accepting of beginner riders,  jet black friesian, that wont get frazzled if you give her the wrong signals---Wille is a GOOD choice---she has  that WOW Presence-and TONS of hair, and is very safe in every setting we have presented to her!  The bonus is her foal, due next spring, ....this is an investment that can truly pay for itself rather quickly!


Wille is sooo elastic, everyone  LOVES her. We think Wille will be successful in any discipline:) It seems so many friesians these days look like thoroughbreds, with a few feathers. NOT Wille, ...she has TRUE  friesian written all over her, with her very  TALL build, now measuring 165 cm tall (just under 16.1 hands), AND she is only 3, so STILL GROWING!


Wille is an excellent girl out on the trails, and she is very good about grooming, bathing, clipping, vet work, and she is perfect in the trailer.  She has excellent stable manners and no vices, and she gets along well with her buddies in the pasture and has a golden character. 


This is a VERY VERY friendly mare- that is wonderful to ride, or DRIVE, as well.  Wille has both the gorgeous looks and also the sweet temperament.... she will gladly do what you ask of her, anytime, anywhere.   If you are looking for an exceptionally sweet horse that has excellent movement, and is easy to ride, with a willing nature, AND like the idea of having an excellent 2 for 1 value---that will give you a 2nd friesian next year, she is for YOU!  She will make a wonderful addition to any breeding program! 

Wille's last breeding date was mar 14, which means her friesian foal is due on Valentines Day, 2019!!:)

This baroque gal has a really great mind and she adjusts very well to new surroundings.  She absolutely loves attention.


And it doesn't hurt that she is just plain GORGEOUS to look at:)   She comes with a thorough pre-purchase exam, and  recent ultra sound, confirming her pregnancy to the outstanding approved stallion in Europe, Wimer!!


B-Day 6/6/15
Low inbreeding 3.13%

Stam line 83

FANTASTIC motherline:


...GORGEOUS  Gal that is a TREMENDOUS BUY!!!!


Dont miss this 3 year old stamboek mare, that will give you a foal in the spring worth half her purchase price!

What a
well built mare with nice movement, a very expressive head, and ideal uphill conformation!


This mare is really sweet and uncomplicated. She is so very gentle to handle, calm and really focused on people.  I would put a novice rider on her! She does not have any stress or tension in her body whatsoever, no matter the rider--- this is a GOOD mare to start a breeding program with, and is a TREMENDOUS VALUE!!

Buying Price:


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