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Abel 344
Friesian Sire


Fetse 349
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Tjitze impressed us with his exceptional  scores in both riding AND driving in the ABFP test!!!

Under saddle he got 73.5 points and for carriage 74.5 points, and for talent for show driving he got a 7!!!

You will LOVE your time in the saddle riding this baroque compact boy--- he is just super under saddle, no matter the level of the rider!!! 

And an amazing BALANCED canter!!!

We are currently competing him in  L level dressage, which is First Level, and he just showed few weeks ago, and in both tests, he earned an 8 on his walk!!! What a talented and willing boy, such a joy to ride!!! This EASY, ANYONE can ride boy is scoring above 65% in 1st level dressage, and has winning points to PROVE it! 


Typically newly imported horses take a little while to get adjusted to their new surroundings in America---not Tjitze! He has immediately adjusted to our facility, and goes easily in the scary corners of our arenas----where even the older  upper level horses are leery.


NEVER spooking or looking at anything, and what a WONDERFUL  horse to take on the trails---NOTHING  fazes this gorgeous LONG haired boy!


He is just  about as uncomplicated and  EASY to sit, as you will find---really a good choice for a rider  that is timid or nervous---Tjitze has SUPER smooth gaits, and is a SOLID CITIZEN!!! He never takes a bad step, and  is bothered by absolutely nothing---this is a FABULOUS, good thinking, phenomenal looking jet black friesian for sale, appropriate for absolutely ANY level rider, because of his very sweet, kind, willing temperament.


You wont believe how quickly he learns---the world is truly Tjitze's oyster--we expect GREAT things from this  Abel son. We had him thoroughly vetted and xrayed, and xrays are available for review with your vet.


Bday 4/20/14

Stam line 47

Incredible pedigree: STER-STER-STER+PREF-STER


If you are looking for VERY safe---Tjitze is very very easy to ride. 

He is voice trained, so when you want to canter, Tjitze will respond via your voice!  And what a super well balanced canter he has---just unbelievably talented, for only a 4 yrs old!!!

This boy is a good choice for beginners, or those that have had a bad experience previously, and are timid. He is uncomplicated.

Tjitze is a lovely registered Friesian  gelding with the so sought after gorgeous baroque looks, AND he is trained to BOTH ride AND drive:)

He is EXTREMELY handsome, fantastic gaits and super extensions. Very nice and easy to ride for a competitive dressage rider, or an amateur or junior rider.  We love his rhythmic and elastic movements and 3 very good gaits. 

Tjitze has a gentle and friendly personality and no vices whatsoever. You will REALLY enjoy his three very good, soft, expressive gaits, he is a beautiful type of Friesian, has an excellent temperament and very high train-ability. This wonderful guy is suitable for an Amateur or Novice with the quality for a Professional.

With his calm and sweet nature, he can put his rider's mind at ease. Tjitze is also considered a "trailmaster" , and unlike the warmbloods, you can have just as much fun out in the hills, or on the streets in traffic with this sweet guy, as you can in the dressage arena. Ideal conformation, an outstanding pedigree, and well trained to BOTH ride AND drive, he is a real gem!

 He will turn heads  wherever you go, and just looks like he should be leading a parade.... perhaps the lead horse at the Rose parade?!?  Your friends will sure be jealous when you turn up with this gorgeous fella!

Tjitze is also super sweet, and loves to have his hair washed and combed.


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