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Alke 468
Friesian Sire


Jisse 433
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Vinny is a real "all around" horse. L Level dressage which is comparable to our 1st level, and is a PHENOMENAL moving english pleasure horse---

What we really like about this baroque boy, is that he is VERY SWEET, and PERFECT for a BEGINNER! He is the kind of horse that is OKAY if you make a mistake. This is a REALLY good horse that rides AND drives, and is already thoroughly xrayed.
B-day 4/5/14, with 0.0 % inbreeding--how often do you see 90 inbreeding?!?  Never seen it before! Stam line 100.

 This versatile boy is EASY to ride and equally nice and easy to drive for the carriage. He is the kind of gelding who likes to work for his rider---not  super lazy, like some friesians can be.  He is a willing partner, no matter the endeavor.

He comes from a good family, it is no wonder that he is such a good mover...his mother is STER, Grandmother is Ster, Great Grandma is Ster+Pref, and great great grandmother is Ster!! Wow, can't get much better than that pedigree!!!

Vinny is the kind of horse that has 3 very good gaits, and will be a willing, kind, gentle partner, doing whatever you ask of him. He has EXTREMELY good suspension and action in front as well as a powerful motor behind---BUT he is also EASY on the back,and comfy to sit. He has a big beautiful rolling canter and is ready to take you to the winners cicle, should you decide to try your hand at dressage. He is suitable for novice riders...this boy is FORGIVING.  Totally screw  up the signal you give him, Vinny doesnt care!

He has been ridden and driven extensively out on trails, and in traffic. He has beautiful conformation, a dreamy LONG forelock,  and an incredible personality to match. He is sweet and calm, learns quickly and wants very much to please.

Vinny  has it all…natural talent, striking classic friesian looks and a wonderful disposition. If you are looking for a safe, sane, all around gelding that can go ANYWHERE, and doesn't spook or spin, and allows you to ENJOY your ride, instead of concentrating on what the horse might be looking at, then this   friesian gelding is for you. He is 163cm [16.0 hands].

Vinny can be ridden by absolutely ANYONE.  This stunning boy has an impeccable pedigree and is recently vetted and x-rayed and ready to go to his new forever home.

Ideal for a novice or timid rider, we are constantly looking for geldings like HIM, and when we find them, THEY JUST DON'T LAST! If you are interested in a gelding suitable for a beginner, 1st level dressage,  and much experience in many different settings, give us a call about Vinny... but don't wait, or he will be GONE!

AND very reasonably priced:

$28,900 INCLUDES import and quarantine to NY, or $30,900 to Chicago or LAX or Calgary or Toronto.

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