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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Janna Weir handpicked this one and is proud to present this Amazing TALL 6 yr old Gelding that recently performed in an exhibition at the stallion show in Leeawarden!! He is a gorgeous TALL impressive horse!!!!

Tate has quite a regal look, a true gentle giant. Jet black in color, long and thick mane and tail, and is trained to ride AND drive! He is well trained to ride out on the trails and in traffic as well!

This is a very big and impressive gelding." Measuring 168 cm (16.2 hands!). He has developed into a really really fancy dressage horse, should you choose to show, get ready to clean up with the ribbons!! - This is very reasonably priced big impressive dressage/all around pleasure/family horse. A super boy with MUCH experience!!!! 16.2 hands. And REASONABLY PRICED, particularly for a horse already doing exhibitions and perfect age, 6 yrs old!!!!! This is a RARE EXPERIENCED boy, and what a beauty..... Tate is super willing and SWEET as can be, gelding with three easy to sit gaits, and a GREAT canter for a friesian.

Pedigree is impeccable, JASPER X LEFFERT

b-day 5/20/12

He is also well trained to drive as a single, pair and 4 in hand, also experienced in traffic, and excellent out on the trails, by himself, and with other horses. He tracks very well underneath himself, and he is just an amazing horse to work with. He is always happy and always wants to do 100% his best for you! Tate was my absolute favorite horse to ride, on a recent buying trip to the Netherlands. He is just amazing..... such a sweet horse...I love how he WANTS to work for you. And he learns so quickly. Amazing light in his mouth. Tate is a horse that really wants to PLEASE his rider, and has the talent and trainability to go far. Comes with a recent pre-purchase exam. He is a "Black Labrador" type horse.

In the videos above, at the stallion keuring, he is the left leader in the four in hand!   Thoroughly vetted and recently xrayed, all good!! Xrays available for review with your vet.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced imported friesian gelding that is safe and very level headed, with EXPERIENCE, you need to look at this horse. Tate is a good honest horse, a wonderful choice if you would like a very handsome pleasure/trail horse, that will get you around town in HIGH fashion!! And dressage lovers--- here is a show horse you can literally start winning with THIS SEASON!!! Because of his willing temperament, Tate is a good choice for those just getting back into riding, or anyone needing a super safe, easy to ride boy.

This one will NOT last..... located at 59 baywood canyon rd in fairfax, for you to see and try (near san francisco or oakland airports!)

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