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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17.3 hands

We are pleased to present this special Gelding!!! This is a TRUE sporthorse ( read: looking for a super EASY GOING friesian to ride without having to worry about the horse going sideways, AND would like the prospect of showing and doing well in dressage????? Here he is!) Braden is a real head turner! He has the Best conformation and has really nice movement. This boy has 10 winning points in L1 dressage, which is PROOF in the pudding----this boy is WELL TRAINED< with 3rd party verification that he is doing what it takes to score above 65% in 1st-2nd level!!!

He is tall 17.3 hands ...the TALLEST friesian we have ever offered, at just under 18 hands TALL. Braden is  double trained to ride AND drive..... lateral work, and going bareback, or western ---not a problem for this BIG boy.

We are really impressed by this gelding as he is really special! Check out the natural extension to his trot!! Braden is a nice big breath taking gelding, with the very rare SHOW EXPERIENCE. This 8 yr old gorgeous guy really has the potential to move up even farther in the sport of dressage, OR utilize him as your forever all around trail/pleasure friesian gelding---he is versatile, and safe for those riders that are rank beginners, needing SAFE, sane, sound. GOOD Xrays available for review with your vet!!! This is a horse equally suitable for a 8 yr old child, OR your grandma. Check out the video above going bareback and being led by a dog!!

Has a really amazing slow canter.

Want a BIG boy, yes, BIG----Braden REALLY is 17.3 hands TALL, to trail ride or ride near busy loud traffic? No problem for Braden....

Birthday 6/16/2010 EXCELLENT pedigree : STER-STER-STER-STER
Stam line 50---GOLD STANDARD!!!!
Pier X Leffert
And PROVEN dressage show record, competing, and scoring well, in a multitude of various settings.

Whata horse!!!!

A real big friendly giant.

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