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Monte 378
Friesian Sire


Doeke 287
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17.0 hands

We are thrilled to be able to offer such an EXPERIENCED beautiful  gelding, 13 yrs old, who is one of the tallest, most statuesque friesians we have EVER imported! Celvin has gorgeous curly hair, and is also one of the MOST experienced geldings on the market today, scoring well above 70% in 2nd level dressage, with 16 winning points to PROVE it.  And 17 hands tall, which is RARE (most friesian geldings average 16 hands!). Celvin has always been ridden by young junior riders that are small in stature---this is an EASY horse for amateurs to ride or show! ---even tho he is  BIG, he is like SILK to sit---- one of the smoothest trots i have ever ridden, and a canter like SILK. And we think he would be an IDEAL HUSBAND HORSE!

Son of Monte and out of a Doeke Mare, this boy is super safe, GREAT show experience, Not spooky, but also not lazy. This is one fella who is  simply AMAZING, breathtaking, and a delight for ALL riders.

Celvin is a well trained, hard to find, EXPERIENCED, friesian gelding with all the front stepping feathered finery, and charisma and work ethic of a VERY experienced sporthorse. AND has Talent for upper level Sport, we had him training flying changes on the 2nd day after his arrival from Europe!!!! With curls in the mane and feathers. He is built VERY uphill,  long legs, graceful swan neck, beautiful sculpted head and floating motion, with that rare ability to collect AND extend. If you are looking for a SUPER well behaving boy, WITH dressage show experience---AND TRAIL EXPERIENCE both with me in Northern Calif AND in the Colorado rockies, here he is!!

Celvin  LIKES to work, --- he is light in your hand, and moves easily off the leg---no whip and spurs needed! Celvin is really a dressage riders dream, because of his work ethic---he is curious, loves to be ridden outside, and is SUPER sweet in the stable. And i personally took him on trail rides in our Marin hills, with  biker after biker whizzing by, and dogs off leash, etc---steady eddy on the trails and up and down hills!!!

Here is what a Grand Prix rider in Europe training Celvin prior  to import had to say about this sweet boy:"Celvin is a nice TALL boy,  with a gorgeous curly mane and plush full tail. And what a lovely chiseled head!!!  He loves to work and is a honest curious horse----VERY friendly!!!!! You can ride him without spurs or whip.  He is not lazy---Celvin LIKES to work, also  very safe.  He has been to dozens of competitions, showing training level, first level, and now has 16 winning points in 2nd level---PROVING he is scoring above 65% in 2nd level, and is already doing  the exercises of 3rd level.  Not many friesian geldings are THIS experienced! He has a wonderful uphill canter, and excellent counter canter..... You can canter for hours on this friesian gelding! His walk is active and he has gotten good remarks on his trot.  He loves his job, and for riders with back problems......Celvin is  Easy to sit!  And what a sweet, easy going  behavior in the stable, and in the pasture with other horses---this horse was a delight for us to have in training!"

This is a horse you can literally put in the show ring  after some conditioning THIS YEAR! AND  the bonus......he pleasure/trail rides with the BEST of them. GREAT at dressage. Wonderful sweet personality, solid 13 yr old boy!!! NO HEALTH ISSUES whatsoever. Never lame. No Colic. No special supplements. No injections. I had him thoroughly vetted and xrayed before i bought and imported him. Excellent--has always been 100% sound and healthy for every owner.

Duke of Celvin is a wonderful, kind, giving family horse that is just as at home out on the trail and in the woods, as he is in the competitive dressage arena. Celvin is the kindest, sweetest, most willing partner you can imagine. His movement and conformation are ideal....Celvin is ready to go to his new forever home, as long as you promise to give him MUCH love! He has 3 wonderful gaits, and talk about IMPRESSIVE, this "always on the bit" boy is hard to miss! We cant stop looking at him--he is just soooo majestic, even just standing in the cross ties, with his  shiny coat, and his WONDERFUL disposition, and  curly hair. He has no vices whatsoever, and would be an ideal choice for anyone wanting an EXPERIENCED all around healthy, been there, done that, reasonably priced friesian, due to his willingness to please, and experience in all different types of settings.


This one WON'T last....

Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for price and details on Duke of Celvin!


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