Mauro fan 't Wegje - SOLD

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Mauro fan 't Wegje


Maurus 441
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

We are so excited to be able to offer this  special friesian gelding.....Mauro is a lovely registered Friesian gelding with the so sought after FAIRYTALE looks, AND he is trained to BOTH ride AND goes BAREBACK and western, AND he is competing and WINNING at 2nd Level (M Level in Europe!) ) He is EXTREMELY handsome, with a teddy bear disposition, AND he just came out on TOP of his 2nd level dressage class, beating the warmbloods---he was 1st in one class and 2nd in another at M level (2nd level)!!! That's not all---this fella is really  IDEAL for taking on trails, alone or with other horses, and big loud trucks on the road are no problem for this gentle, kind soul.

Fantastic gaits and super extensions. Very nice and easy to ride for a competitive dressage rider, or an amateur or child. We just had Mauro thoroughly vetted and xrayed...all GOOD!!

We love his rhythmic and elastic movements and EASY TO SIT gaits. Maurus has a gentle and friendly personality and no vices whatsoever. You will REALLY enjoy his three very good, soft, expressive gaits, he is a beautiful type of Friesian, has an excellent temperament and is already going second level---excellent walk to canter departures, and superb lateral work!

Birthdate: 4/17/12

16.1 hands; 165 cm tall

This wonderful guy is suitable for an Amateur or Novice with the quality for a Professional. With his calm and sweet nature, he can put his rider's mind at ease. Mauro is also considered a "trailmaster", and unlike the warmbloods, you can have just as much fun out in the hills with this sweet guy, as you can in the dressage arena. Ideal conformation, an outstanding pedigree, and well trained to BOTH ride dressage--with all the buttons already installed, so he can teach YOU, as well as take ANYWHERE, and safe for a child (see photo above) and LOVES dogs---he gives KISSES, Mauro is a real gem! They don't come much more beautiful than this VERY jet black gelding--he is truly STUNNING!!!

He will turn heads wherever you go, and just looks like he should be leading a parade.... perhaps the lead horse at the Rose parade?!? Your friends will sure be jealous when you turn up with this gorgeous fella! Mauro is also super sweet, and loves to have his hair washed and combed. And you can't beat the pedigree on this stunner---this one HAS IT ALL!!!!

And it is easy to see why Mauro is a TOP TOP notch gelding......he is super sweet, VERY affectionate---loves to give kisses and hugs, and is a talented well trained friesian gelding for dressage.  We have him scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Oct 18th, and then he will be at our Bay area stable for you to see and try.  

Mauro is a GOOD one and certain to not last!

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