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Sake 449
Friesian Sire


Teunis 332
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

We are very proud to present this lovely and EXPERIENCED well trained 7 years old gelding, Gable.

165 cm  tall---that's 16 1/2 hands tallBeautiful Baroque conformation. We love this great strong mover,  because he has such a lovely, friendly and  uncomplicated character. Gable is an excellent riding horse in every way!! Dressage 2nd level, and older geldings with  tons of experience in traffic and on trails are HARD TO FIND in the Netherlands right now---- Gable is a GEM and certain to not last long.

He always wants to please the rider, is willing, and has perfect rhythm...... not too slow / not too fast:  read forgiving.

Gorgeous jetblack, LONG hair, Gable is very affectionate, and loves hugging:):) Excellent recent xrays available for review with your vet.

Fantastic pedigree: Ster + Pref-Ster + Pref-Ster-Ster

B-Day 4/30/10

Stam Line 45

Gable is handsome, charming, tall and dark, with a smooth sports car ride trot, and PRESENCE & PERSONALITY PLUS. Just look at his chiseled face, HAIR HAIR HAIR, long tail and fancy feathering. This is one typy Friesian boy at an incredible price! Gable has a very thick mane at the crest, long forelock, and plenty of bellbottom feathering. He is that Blue Black color, with true Friesian characteristics, easy going personality, and a terrific work ethic. Extremely kind is the best way to describe this horse. Suitable for a family or beginner. Gable has had extensive riding and driving experience. Naturally up headed, this horse has a "look at me " factor for the show ring, and yet is as gentle as a kitten, and appropriate for a child. You will LOVE his long, curly mane and tail, sculpted head with a swan neck..... this horse is a show stopper on looks alone!  And dressage enthusiasts will appreciate his solid dressage foundation. Gable has 3 very good gaits, and is VERY comfortable to ride out on long trails or hacks. You can't get a more experienced, kind, sweet, easy going boy, with recent thorough pre purchase and xrays, at this price---Gable is a GOOD oneBuy him NOW, or he will be gone! 


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