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Haitse 425
Friesian Sire


Tjitte 333
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

EXPERIENCED older geldings are getting harder and harder to find.... and the ones that  actually have 5 winning points in M2 level dressage (read, they are scoring ABOVE 65% in 2nd level competition, and come with 3rd party verification that they have 3 good gaits, know walk to canter, and lateral work, etc...) are pricey, and ones with good vetchecks are even harder to find.

This well trained to ride AND drive boy is one of our BEST finds we have discovered in Holland. We got an excellent deal on this sweetheart, and we are passing the savings on to YOU!

1st Premie!!!


We just had him thoroughly vetted and xrayed, and the vet measured him between 163-164 cm ( 16 hands).  And sooo much fun to ride AND drive!!! We watched as cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles and tractors drove by.... nothing fazes this 10 yr old gelding! 

Registered as "Wiggele fan Boazum", Valentino is not lazy---he LIKES his job, but he also has zero spook.

This is ONE rare FIND ...EXPERIENCED, BRAVE, HANDSOME, 2nd level gelding.

Valentino has substantial training both under saddle and being driven. He has moved up the dressage ranks, first competing at A Level, then B, then L1, and L2, M level, and now he is showing and winning at M2 level [2nd level], with 5 points in M2 level to prove it. He last competed on Aug 11, 2017, AGAIN with a young novice rider, teaching her the ropes and coming out in the top! Whip and spurs are not necessary. All his lateral work is confirmed. He even has considerable experience out on the trail and in traffic. His pedigree is also unbelievable..unbroken STER predicates through-out.

Valentino will be YOUR best friend. Loves to cuddle.  He enjoys dressage and he is GOOD at at. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work.  This baroque black horse is kind, giving, non-spooky, and he WANTS to please. He has 3 good gaits, a FANTASTIC canter, and shows fantastic potential for upper level dressage, should you desire to go that avenue.   What i liked best about him---is that he  doubles as a superb FAMILY ALL AROUND PLEASURE horse.  SOLID CITIZEN. He measures 16 hands.

Valentino has a fabulous disposition, and can be ridden by all levels of riders. We will be taking him on relaxing trail rides/hacks in Marin County, until he goes to his new forever home. Love this boys wonderful character/attitude. He is eager to please, and has a quiet and easy UNCOMPLICATED nature. He is very easy to handle, and would also be suitable for beginning riders.

Fantastic buy on a TREMENDOUS experienced 10 yr old SWEETHEART!

[On the friesian "race" video above, Valentino (registered as Wiggele) is number 7 the person with the yellow and black striped silks.]

Valentino has JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE! Please call janna at 415-272-2112 to make an appt. to see and try him at our bay area facility.

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