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Height: 17.0 hands

Looking for the BIGGEST Friesian you can find? We have some TALL ones right now, and Caspian is one of the BIGGEST!!!!!


For several years, an old man drove Caspian, always alone. Such a BIG, handsome, GENTLE gelding. Our Grand Prix trainer likes Caspian so much, he wants to train him for Z level dressage (3rd level)---so we placed Caspian in full time professional dressage training and Caspian is getting some fantastic upper level training right now!


And he is a smart, a very nice our Grand Prix trainer is picky----but he likes THIS one! Caspian can move VERY WELL, and while he is not spooky and not the kind of horse that bolts---he  is also not  lazy, or a horse you have to use a whip and spurs on to get to move-----Caspian LIKES to work, and please you!!

You can see a photo above of a gentleman riding him---- that is a friend of Caspian's current trainer that is a rank beginner, going on a trail in the woods--- Caspian is very tolerant for beginning riders! Always very nice and easy, no matter the ability of the rider!


He is 174 cm tall....that's 17 hands!! Beautiful horse!


Here is a very experienced 6 yr old gentle giant that has spent his life as a loving, giving family/pleasure horse. He is the kindest, most gentle boy, the kind of horse you can put everyone on. This gorgeous guy is VERY well trained to both ride AND drive, and in training to be shown 3rd level dressage ( Z Level in Europe). At 6 yrs old---the world is this sport horses oyster, and we anticipate he will move up the levels quickly!

Caspian has the goods, and with a reasonable price tag!  This boy is safe with novices, sane, sound, and experienced on trails and in traffic! Ideal for  someone that has had a bad experience with a horse before, and wants to enjoy a horse that is experienced, that they can count on, and TALL!

And that's not at all, Caspian has good xrays, available for review with your vet, and he comes with a passport and is microchipped. Caspian is  friesian, and his dam was not registered (hence he does not have the normal yellow or blue laminated papers)---but he has a passport for travel!

With his ideal conformation, Caspian has loads of potential in dressage. Price is including all air and quarantine charges to NY, LA,  or Canada. 

Caspian is microchipped and comes with a passport; he is of  friesian heritage, but is NOT registered, and thus does NOT come with KFPS or FHANA registration papers. He comes with a current thorough pre-purchase exam, as well. 

Don't miss this safe, sane, tall, handsome boy. At this price, he will NOT last!!!

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