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Ferrari STER & SPORT


Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Abel 344
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Currently the 2017 Leading Champion Overall in 4th Level Dressage (ZZ Light) in Holland, of ALL HORSES!!!

UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED and  RARE opportunity to own a Fairytale LONG Haired Stallion, who we think may  earn the SPORT ELITE Predicate this year!  He is already a 1st Premie STER WITH the coveted SPORT Predicate, and we are convinced that he can get the new Sport Elite predicate (5 points in Prix St George required). Ferrari is doing flying changes every 3 and 4 strides now! Passage and Piaffe are great. AND ONLY 8 years old!:)

Here is  a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ster stallion, a more beautiful horse doesn't exist! And he has acquired the highly coveted STER and sport predicates,  good on x-rays , easy to ride for anyone, even me!

Ferrari is SOOO easy to do flying changes on---and THIS, we cannot say about most friesians. His price includes gelding, if you prefer he be castrated prior to import, as well as a brand new thorough physical exam, brand new set of xrays for review with your vet, bloodwork, international health cert, and transport to airport. 

This is a very reasonable price for this gentleman with a lot of talent for moving up even higher in FEI dressage.....this guy  has got the GOODS...piaffe,  passage, flying changes, easy to ride for any level rider!  Note, his current rider is very tall, 182cm  with long legs.

Check out the videos showing his talent and his willingness to work! He enjoys attention, is perfectly behaved at competitions. Also  Ferrari thoroughly enjoys playing outside in the paddock.  You can even put him next to mares. He is suitable for all kind of riders: beginners or very experienced dressage riders that want to compete in the upper  levels. This horse has a lot of potential!!!!! I am certain a child can ride him, even as a stallion, because he really doesn’t act like one.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED riding Ferrari...what a horse!!!! Whoever gets him is the luckiest person in the world!!!!

Flying changes are just easy for him. He is beautiful, AND easy to ride for anyone!
Proof is in the pudding: He is  ster,  awarded the sport predicate,  good on x-rays, oh, and has a lovely name! AND is  currently leading all horses in holland at 4th level, check out  the current ZZ Light rankings on his 2nd page of photos above!

His sire is Norbert, the 3 times in a row champion of the stallion keuring at Leeuwarden! And many times reserve champion! So Ferrari has inherited exceptional talent from his father’s side. His mother is a model sport preferent mare! So from both sides outstanding genes!

Ferrari was born 8 years ago in Wommels at a nice country side estate in Friesland  in the Netherlands. He spent his first 3.5 year in a group of horses to develop his muscles, and to a grow up into the amazing stallion he is today. He was slowly and methodically started in dressage at age 4, and eased up the levels, not rushed. He was presented at the stallion show. He made it all the way to the third round! That is almost up to becoming an approved stallion!  

He is only being sold  because his rider doesn't have  time to compete with 3 horses AND has a full time job---we know Ferrari's rider well, she has come to the US and stayed with us, and a MORE COMMITTED rider doesn't exist---she gives 100% of herself to her horses, and it shows.  We will keep Ferrari in the Netherlands, competing with and moving up the levels with his rider, until purchased.

His gaits are very good, and transitions in the gaits are easy for him. His extended trot is extraordinary, he stretches his front legs totally and moves his hind legs perfectly under his body. Half-pass is big and easy. When you are looking for an upper-class horse, easy to ride, this is the one! He is great with kids, a 6 yr old boy sits on him currently after competitions, no problem! He is accustomed to dogs playing around him and he has a lot of experience in competitions in a variety of settings, so you can just go anywhere with Ferrari and ride a nice test---no worries about spooking on a green inexperienced horse!

Ferrari loves trail rides! Next to other horses is no problem at all for this stallion. Very easy going, doesn’t act like a stallion at all.

This is a once in a lifetime horse, a loving home, not necessarily a show home,  is a must for this RARE GEM.

Buyer responsible for cost of required 30 Day stallion cem quarantine (typically an additional 6k) if imported as a stallion. Cost of castration is included in Ferrari's purchase price.

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