Meriva STER - SOLD

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Meriva STER


Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Bartele 472

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16 1/2 hands

This is an AMAZING 5 yr old STER mare,  AND we just bred her to the  INCREDIBLE approved stallion in Europe, Bartele, a beautiful stallion that produces very good offspring!!! Currently Meriva is in training for riding and driving, and she is doing VERY well, because she is a very sweet and kind mare. We love the pedigree on this ster mare--she is an ULDRIK  x Doaitsen. Meriva has just an AMAZING amount of hair, especially for only a 5 yr old mare!!! And wow, one thing we noticed....she can move!!

And the bonus with Meriva is..... next year you will have a foal that is a Bartele x Uldrik, that can only be a REALLY WOW combination, and a horse with great phenomenal movement!! The Dutch Judges gave Meriva the highly coveted STER predicate last year at her keuring, and if not sold by July 1st, we will take Meriva off the market and take her to a big keuring in Kootwijk July 8, where we think she has a good chance of making 1st premie!!!  This is a KROON mare in the making, she really is just THAT GOOD!!! And of course, if she makes 1st premie, her price will change....

This tall mare is a WOOOOW!!!

Meriva is very willing and has a wonderful attitude towards her work. Not only does she have  uphill conformation and more thick hair than most stallions, she is a very athletic mare and would make an excellent choice for dressage. We fell in love with her beautiful face;long swan neck, full feathering, long voluminous tail, IMMENSE mane,  and especially her lovely character.

Meriva has a sweet nature that NOT all mares have, and a willingness to work.

If you are looking for an absolutely stunning Star mare with full paper, look no further!  Meriva is a beautifully built mare with extremely long and thick mane for a mare her age. She has very strong movements. Meriva is a real sweet mare to handle and ride, not a spooky or hot-headed mare.


She has a LOW 1.56% in breeding, which means you can breed her to just about anyone!

B-day 4/30/12

Here is a very sweet mare that loves to be around people. She would make a great dressage horse for you, OR broodmare, with her conformation and her movement, and PEDIGREE to die for! Look at the photos of her trot and how far she comes under herself! That's why she received the highly sought after ster predicate at the young age of 4!

If you are looking for a VERY elegant, LONG LONG haired, TALL (now measures 164 cm, OVER 16 hands!!) star mare for dressage and/or breeding, this is your mare!!!! Meriva has the movement to excel in the competitive arena, and the kind gentle nature that will make her a wonderful trail partner. This mare has ideal conformation! And look at her kind eye---this is an EXCELLENT two for one value on a STER mare that was just bred to champion Bartele 472 :)

We are proud to offer such a very sweet horse that is ALSO extremely calm and not spooky. She is safe....finally, a mare that will never buck or take off!

Price INCLUDES import and quarantine to NY, LAX, Mexico, Calgary, or Miami, a thorough current vetcheck, and an ultra sound, confirming pregnancy.

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