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Folkert 353
Friesian Sire


Melle 311
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

It SUPER hard to find the older, EXPERIENCED, well trained friesian geldings---and ones with winning points in 2nd level dressage are few and far between!  When we found Amadeo, we scooped him up---he is all of the above, and 100% sound and healthy, coming with a recent  thorough pre-purchase exam. 

Here is a good horse for TIMID riders----he is super easy to ride!!

Yes, i know the rider has him over-flexed when riding bareback in the video above---but you can see just how EASY he is!!!:)

b-day 2/11/08


164 cm tall, BRAVE, HANDSOME, and gentle is the way to describe this gelding. AND Amadeo has substantial training both under saddle and being driven. He even has considerable experience out on the trail and in traffic. Amadeo has a great future ahead of him. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. Looking for a SAFE, easy to sit, proven dressage  gelding, that you can enjoy  doing lower level dressage on, and pleasure/trail ride on your own?  Look no further. Amadeo is posed and ready to teach someone dressage, or take out on a hack, and what a SWEET, kind, giving personality he has!

Points in M1 Level (2nd Level)!!! Very Easy & SAFE REASONABLY Priced PROVEN Dressage Gelding!

He really  enjoys relaxing trail rides bareback, and he is sensitive and responsive, but also a great horse for a beginner. This jetblack horse is kind, willing, non-spooky, and he WANTS to please. He has 3 good gaits, a FANTASTIC canter, and shows potential for moving up the levels of dressage! We like his wonderful training attitude as he is always in the mood to go for a ride. He is eager to please, and has a quiet and easy attitude. Amadeo is, without a doubt, a winner and wont last long---great price on a quiet, easy going, been there/done that kind of horse, scoring above 60% in 2nd level!

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