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Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Here is a very sweet,  big (170 cm!)  gelding. Easy to ride?!?.....Check out the video of a very small 8 yr old girl riding him, above.

Yarik is a hard to find LONG haired gorgeous gelding, IDEAL age--!!! He is currently competing in L1 dressage with 7 winning points....in short, that means he is scoring ABOVE 65% in First Level dressage consistently, and has amassed quite a show record, which is a good foundation for ANY discipline--even if you just want to trail ride and enjoy your friesian as a western or pleasure horse!

And he  is well started on Second Level exercises, and has an excellent counter canter.

Amazing sweet horse!!! Looking for a "been there--done that" kind of friesian, that your children can safely ride? Yarik is your man.

This is a Friesian for those of you looking for an extremely well schooled gelding!! He has the much sought after experience in every setting you can imagine, including shows where he has won many prizes as both a dressage AND as a driving horse. Also, Yarik remains the steady eddy in every trail outing. He has a very nice head, lovely correct conformation, and he is VERY well trained under saddle for dressage, and in carriage driving, both as a single, pair, and 4 in hand. And check out his long THICK curly mane and forelock!! Here is a Friesian horse with much experience being ridden by all kinds of riders in ALL KINDS of settings. He  has a recent clean vet check done on jan 25, 2017..

If you are looking for a safe, sane, sound gelding that can go ANYWHERE, and doesn't spook or spin, and allows you to ENJOY your ride, instead of concentrating on what the horse might be looking at, then this gelding is for you. He has a solid dressage show record in 1st-2nd level competition, and 3 very good gaits, and can be ridden by absolutely ANYONE, even a very small child. Yarik will be your ideal companion and an excellent addition to your family. Not a lazy boy, Yarik moves easily off your leg, no whip or spurs needed, but also no spook/spin. 

We were able to get an amazing deal on this 100% friesian boy, and he is likely to NOT LAST!

This stunning boy is vetted and ready to go to his new forever home. Ideal for a novice or timid rider, we are constantly looking for older geldings like Yarik, and when we find them, THEY JUST DON'T LAST! If you are interested in an experienced gelding with a proven dressage track record, and much experience in many different settings, give us a call about Yarik, but don't wait, or Yarik will be GONE! Located at our San Francisco bay area stable for you to see and try.

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