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Xander SPORT


Tymon 456
Friesian Sire


Yk 339
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

This handsome fella is a very good dressage horse for the future, already showing  Third Level,  with winning points in Z level Dressage in Europe! Acquired high;y coveted SPORT predicate!!  And he learns very quickly. VERY Good canter. AND started on passage---this horse has unbelievable potential!! We have Xander in training with a Grand Prix dressage rider and judge, and are confident he will acquire the highly coveted SPORT predicate (earned only by successfully earning at least 5 winning points in Z level (3rd level)competition in Europe!) prior to import

There are VERY FEW friesians  in the U.S. that have acquire this status symbol, and Xander  is going to be one of them!


Xander is truly an athletic SPORTHORSE, with a great character. He is 100% safe  to ride under the saddle, also in traffic, AND AT THE BEACH and IN THE WAVES, and excellent for amateur riders  that want to ride an EXPERIENCED HORSE in dressage competitions. I LOVED riding him because he is soft in the mouth and light to ride. He has 3 very good gaits. He is also trained to drive with a marathon wagon, as well, on the roads in traffic. Had a bad experience previously, or are a timid rider..... Xander is an EXCELLENT schoolmaster, that can help teach YOU.

Looking for an honest, safe, TALENTED FOR SPORT boy that has MUCH potential as a dressage horse??? Look no further.  This young gelding has been to MANY competitions, and moved up the levels from Intro Level, to Training, to First, to Second, and now Third, and started on changes------here is an excellent opportunity to acquire the perfect gelding for dressage, recreational riding and dressage driving, AND for taking on trails or going through the water at the beach! He has a lot of experience driving as well, with a carriage and marathon wagon and he knows all types of road traffic and farm animals.

Looking for  an EXPERIENCED talented tall friesian with good xrays and vetcheck, who will be ideal for you on trail rides,  hacking on the roads and in the woods, or in the water??  Xander is the MAN for you!

Excellent pedigree:




B-day 4/8/12

Stam line 78, inbreeding co efficient 2.34%

Not a clunky/heavy build---he has more of the sporthorse frame, and boy, is he athletic!  We think he could also easily jump up to 3 ft.

Here is a good dressage horse. Sensitive, uncomplicated, an amazing dressage horse for future---- True FEI potential!

Young and talented, the world is this boys oyster! 

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