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Haitse 425
Friesian Sire


Anton 343
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Sterling SPORT AND STER (and registered as Jelmer) is a amazing horse, who WANTS to please you. He is very flexible,  so easy to ride--excellent in all lateral work and half passes. What a  sweet horse, he is also wonderful on trails and in traffic. The school girls can do everything with him---check out the video of the young girl standing up on him bareback!

He is very calm, EXCELLENT temperament, but also  VERY  talented. Even a beginner can ride him. Amazing extended trot and very high quality canter. Sterling Sport STER is also very well trained to pull a carriage.

And of course, he is clean on X-rays. I love this horse to ride. And he feels very big in the trot---just like his predecessor (Black Sterling), this boy gives the rider a WONDERFUL feeling:):) Not only does Sterling SPORT  STER gives you a real WOW feeling....he is the kind of horse that gives you goosebumps every time you ride him.

Here is a  Haitse x Anton star and sport gelding, 6 years old, who has an amazing extended trot and very easy canter.  He is the youngest sport horse of the KFPS!( Youngest friesian to acquire the STAR & SPORT predicate, for having 5 or more points in Z level/3rd level).

This is a horse i will keep for myself, and enjoy, maybe compete, if he is not purchased right away.....he is just THAT good.

B-day 4/7/11

Stam line 115, low 1.55% inbreeding

Sterling SS has electrifying movement, which is no surprise given his pedigree of champion performance horses. His sire,  Haitse, is known for passing on great athleticism and his Anton lineage from his dam, is known for their great beauty and kind temperament, and HAIR factor!

Sterling SS displays the pure balance and agility an FEI horse is known for, and his natural ability for the collected work is evident. He also has excellent ability for the extended movements as well with powerful impulsion from the hindquarters and a free shoulder allowing for complete extension of the forelegs. He has the aptitude to be a premier riding and show horse. His athletic ability is only enhanced by his generous spirit, friendly nature and willing temperament.

And proof is in the pudding, and 3rd party verification....  Sterling SS has scored above 65% in Z level (3rd level), with more than 5 winning points, thus achieving the highly coveted SPORT predicate (this is in addition to being crowned as a STER stallion, before we gelded him).

If you want the BEST, look no further. Not cheap, but worth EVERY PENNY. This is a special horse--- i personaly have NEVER ridden a horse that is THIS LIGHT in the mouth (note, he is showig 3rd level, and only needs a simple snaffle!! This guy just doesnt need a full bridle---such a soft mouth!)---just UNBELIEVABLE!!!:)  It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to NOT smile, when riding this sweetheart--  SO soft, moves easily off your leg, truly bombproof---but FUN, responsive, SWEET, kind,---this guy is  quite simply....AMAZING.  This is the kind of horse i wouldn't mind keeping for myself---, he is the MOST SPECIAL horse we have imported in years. If not sold, I will be taking him in a few  equestrian events in April and May, including the Closing Fox Hunt with the Los Altos Hounds, and an all women's trail ride/camping weekend with 150 cowgirls, a benefit for Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, at a private ranch located near Salinas. Don't wait--- his price will increase, as his resume increases.

Sterling Ster and SPORT is located at Baywood Canyon Equestrian Center in Fairfax, CA (San Francisco Bay Area), for you to see and try.  WE LOVE THIS HORSE!!!

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