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Fabe 348
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Janna and Wendy are delighted to be able to offer this amazing young sporthorse, with a pedigree to DIE FOR....

He is a FABE X BRANDUS!!! We LOVE this combination--- some of our absolute favorite friesians EVER imported are sired by the incomparable approved stallion, Fabe---and combined with World Champion, Brandus---well, it's no surprise this boy is so phenomenal!

And his motherline is exceptional:


b-day : 3/10/12

Registered as "Nico fan Fjildsicht"

Reg# 201200330

with a very low 0.78% inbreeding

  What we particularly like about this big hearted, sweet, fancy friesian boy---is his work ethic. He learns VERY quickly, and just soooooooo wants to please you. If he understands what you want, and does it, and you give him positive reinforcement, he immediately learns it---he is just soooooo fun to work with and train----an extremely rewarding horse for any ambitious dressage rider to work with!!!

And just look at how EASY, kind, and willing this impressive 4 yr old friesian gelding is---- gallop him bareback, and then sit backwards, and slide off his butt---Nico is as gentle, kind, and forgiving as they come. Absolutely fine for any level rider. And looking for a driving horse?!? Oh boy, this boy can pull a carriage in high fashion!

This is one outstanding horse, who will be one heck of a dressage or pleasure horse for some lucky rider, already going VERY VERY well under saddle with a solid dressage foundation AND excellent in harness! This fully papered honey is sure to make someone VERY happy, this gelding not only moves well, he has the so sought after upright conformation, and jet black coat. He is very relaxed under saddle, and he has LOTS of expression.

Nico has a full set of recent CLEAN x-rays, and thorough pre purchase exam completed on July 11.  He is just as comfortable out in the hills or in busy traffic, as he is in the dressage court. Nico is not only a great dressage/pleasure riding horse..... Want a wonderful driving horse? He is double trained to ride AND drive! He has a kind, gentle nature, and is naturally inquisitive; a true people oriented boy.  Nico is VERY EXPERIENCED, even for his younger age.  He was used previously in a riding school, and comes from the same breeder as the Approved stallion, Tsjalle!

Nico is an amazing horse. He want's to please you all the time. He is so so smart,  in just two times riding him, he understood side pass and shoulder in!  We think he will be a amazing sport horse!!! I really really personally like this horse!

If you are looking for a very nice and sweet 4 year old gelding, clean x-rays, very good trot and canter, and ridden by real amateurs, Nico is your man.

NICO has just arrived from Europe!!!

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