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tietse 428
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

We are  thrilled to be able to offer this amazing 3rd level gelding WITH changes AND the coveted SPORT predicate.  Gucci is a marvelous gelding, who was raised and shown by the same people his whole life!  Registered as "Patser",  his rider  says>>>

"I have known this boy his whole life,  and I can say that i have never met a horse that is so reliable and calm as Patser. I trained him myself and currently we are competing at the Z2 dressage level (3rd level WITH changes). Patser is taken to a dressage show almost every week and therefore is familiar with traveling in a horse trailer or truck and being on strange grounds. For the past several years, i have not only trained him for dressage competitions, i have also frequently taken him out on trails, to the woods, where we both enjoyed  relaxing trail rides. As a result, he is used to traffic (IE: big trucks, cars, cyclists, etc.). Patser (Gucci) is a strong healthy horse, he has never been ill/lame and is very trustworthy---no matter where you are with him (stable, competition, in the forest, at the beach, etc.). He has no vices, never bites, kicks and no cribbing. He is very accustomed to living in the stable,  as well as going outside in the pasture, and gets along well with all other horses. He is a great social gelding---likes all other horses; he has never bitten or kicked any other horse and is used to sharing a pasture with both mares and geldings. Like i said, he is very trustworthy and calm. I  let my 6 year old niece, who doesn't know how to ride a horse, take him for a ride and  she  has the best time and Patser (Gucci) is careful and calm all the time with her. The reason for selling Patser is, sadly, I have to spend my time studying at the university. I think it is a pity if Patser is not ridden and  cared for by me, while i am at  the university and i thus would like to give him a chance to be happy with someone else who appreciates him as much as i do and cares for him! I hope somebody can give him a warm and loving home."


Recent Show Results:

-June 19, 2016, ANOTHER winning point in Z2 Dressage
- february 2016 - finale KFPS sport competition indoor Z2 level (national)  -september 2015 - finale KFPS sport competition outdoor Z1 level (5th place) (national)
- february 2015 - finale KFPS sport competition indoor Z1 level (national)
- two times regional champion

We rarely find friesians with confirmed flying changes, and are very proud to offer Gucci, a wonderful 11 yr old SPORT gelding currently competing at 3rd level, with  changes. Gucci has been with the same owner for his whole life, and is only being sold because his rider is off to college. She started taking lessons on him and it was immediately quite evident how talented Gucci is. They then started riding at competitions, and quickly moved up the ranks from Training Level, to First Level, to Second, to Third, and so on. Currently Gucci is at Z2 level with 3 winning points! So he is definitely able to compete against warm bloods, and come out on TOP:)

Besides whipping the warmbloods at competitions, Gucci also enjoys long rides and drives outside, in the woods, on the beach and everywhere!! He is also very familiar with traffic, nothing bothers this guy. This is a son of Tietse SPORT out of a mare sired by Olof, and he has acquired the coveted SPORT predicate,  due to his winning scores in 3rd level competition. This is one FEI level dressage horse that is elastic, elevated, and feels awesome to the rider! At a mere 11 yrs of age, Gucci is ALREADY 3rd level with changes, the world is this boy's oyster!! He is not finished climbing the levels, he is still young!

We love this SPORT Gelding's super disposition, his SUPER elasticity under saddle, and his raw talent. Gucci is a beautiful and kind Friesian gelding with the "exclusive" SPORT rating. He has a very athletic build and 3 very good gaits. He is forward and has that kind temperament the Friesian horse is known for. He is competing and consistently scoring ABOVE 60% in 3rd level competitions against warm blood horses and he is training 4th level. This boy knows travers, renvers, rein back, counter canter, walk-canter departs, turn on the haunches, has spectacular collected gaits AND extended gaits, a VERY easy to sit trot, does shoulder in, half pass, and CONFIRMED with flying changes. He is the kind of horse that is easy, fun and rewarding to work with! Birthday Jun 2, 2005,  Reg # 200504487,  166 cm (16.1 hands).

 What an amazing horse---soon to be a new friesian partner for some lucky owner, for the show ring, or just for pure pleasure:)

-Offered exclusively by Fairytale Friesian Finder Service, LLC

FLASH!!! This  amazing schoolmaster went to another competition this weekend, and got ANOTHER winning point in Z2 dressage!!!!

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