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Nick BSF


Jakob 302
Friesian Sire


Nikolaas 310
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

A RARE TO FIND, reasonably priced, VERY easy going, sweet tempered 12 yr old gentle giant gelding, that has been exposed to different situations, and is VERY appropriate for timid riders. Nick has been loved and enjoyed his entire life, and it shows in this VERY sweet boys temperament! Even the vet performing Nick's vetcheck commented on what a nice temperament he has-- he noted that he was focused on his handler, and what they were asking of him, even when with lots going on around him.  He will ONLY go to a forever home. Nick has a wonderful nature, just exactly what the friesian breed is known for, and he enjoys going out on long hacks, or group trail rides. He has 3 very good gaits and is just as easy to ride under saddle, whether ridden every day, or not ridden at all for a few months! He is a kind, gentle, giving boy with a heart of gold.

In Europe, Nick was used extensively for marathon driving and driving dressage. And under saddle, he was used a lot for trail rides in the woods and on the beach! He has a solid dressage foundation. He is very very very sweet! And all levels of riders can safely ride him. He is perfect in traffic.

Nick WANTS to please, and he has no vices or bad habits whatsoever. He has a recent pre-purchase exam, and was thoroughly xrayed from head to toe, 4 years ago, INCLUDING his  back and neck, and he is ready to be your new BEST FRIEND.

Here is the Friesian EVERYONE is after...a stunning, long haired, reasonably priced friesian gelding AND his pedigree is outstanding... his mother is STER+PREFERENT, grandmother is STER+PREFERENT, great grandmother is STER+PREFERENT, and great great grandmother is STER+PREFERENT, AND this gorgeous guy rec'd a 1st premie at the keuring as a foal, ranking in the tippy top 5% of all foals for conformation and movement!

  Nick's registered name is Nicky van Klaverfjouwer and he was born on May 8, 2004. He is sired by a very well respected approved stallion, Jakob 302---and his dam's sire is Nikolaas 310. Nick is a striking, beautiful, LONG haired, easy to ride, well trained 16.1 hand gelding.

 This boy doesn't have a long list of show wins, but why pay for that, if you are looking for an all around sweet natured, pleasure/trail companion?!? Here is a very friendly family horse, that has also been used successfully in a marathon driving program, and he has a very low 2.93% in breeding co efficient. Goes English OR western AND is well trained to drive, 168 cm tall, and sweet sweet sweet.

  Don't wait, Nick will be gone before you know it. This is a GOOD one!!

-offered exclusively by fairytale friesian finder service, llc

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