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Ulbert 390
Friesian Sire


Anton 343
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

We are very proud to present PELLEGRINO STER (registered as Max fan de Klaster STER), a Star gelding with a full paper (and an INCREDIBLE boy that just was crowned STER for his  INCREDIBLE  movement and conformation---see his linear score sheet above)!!!!

STER-STER+STER-STER+PREF 1.95 % in breeding B-Day 6-4-2012 "7.5" for trot and "7" for step!  He is a gorgeous built, tall, good-looking STER gelding. He has a gorgeous LONG thick mane and a lush tail, and poodle like feathers. He is doing a marathon under saddle with a very inexperienced rider, the weekend prior to his import (and we'll be posting pics or clips from this event asap!).

He is just spectacular to watch moving---- incredible power and elasticity for a relatively young gelding. Elegant and supple movements....going First Level dressage currently, and certainly has the ability to progress quickly, due to his exceptional conformation, movement, and outstanding character---- this boy has 3rd party verification that he is the BEST of the BEST--- more than one Dutch judge declared he is TIPPY TOP of all friesians, and made him STER!!! He is also used to traffic and an experienced trail horse. AND well trained to drive.

He is really an honest, hard working horse, ----no bucking or taking off. AND he is clean on x-rays. Pellegrino has electrifying movement which is no surprise given his pedigree of champion performance horses. His sire, the incredibly "hot"  approved stallion, Ulbert comes from strong lines on his sire side, known for their great athleticism; and his lineage from Ulke is known for their great beauty and kind temperament. Pellegrino's dam is a  STER daughter of the "HAIR MAN", Anton. Anton is no longer able to breed---and his offspring are valued & cherished.

Pellegrino displays the pure balance and agility of an upper level FEI horse, and exhibits a natural ability for the collected work. He also has excellent ability for the extended movements as well with powerful impulsion from the hindquarters and a free shoulder allowing for complete extension of the forelegs. He has the aptitude to be a premier riding and show horse. What we really like is  his generous spirit, friendly nature and willing temperament----- such an easy going, SAFE boy out on trails---good thinking, better behaved than horses many years his senior.

We are very happy to be able to offer this sweet, fancy STER gelding, standing 16.1  hands tall. Pellegrino shows tons of promise to have an outstanding competitive Dressage career, and is equally as formidable out on the trail and going down a road with traffic:) 

We are SO EXCITED to offer this really nice horse, with lots of looks and SUPERB character. He is good on X Ray's and  is around the 164 cm big. Looking for a DRIVING horse---- this boy may be young, but has has extensive experience driving as a single, in a pair, and in a 4 in hand!!!

Pellegrino is scheduled to fly into LAX on tuesday, Jun 14th!!!

Here is a fairytale horse that is perfect for beginners! Easy to ride. And long LONG hair.

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