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Jayley STER


Maurus 441
Friesian Sire


Heinse 354
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Reinder 452

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

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Jayley under saddle: https://youtu.be/XhXypKRGGuc

  and Running Free: https://youtu.be/ymW1aEOR8Ec

Jayley presents a tremendous sporthorse, preliminarily chosen as the creme de la creme STER status which ONLY the tippy top 10% of mares ever achieve, based on their confirmation and movement!  She is  a lovely pregnant registered friesian mare, phenomenal two for ONE package!!! This is one NICE moving mare. Well, of course she is, she has an outstanding pedigree behind her, with unbroken ster predicates,  and she certainly has incredible space and elasticity to her gaits, which she inherited from her sire, MAURUS 441, an outstanding Friesian stallion! Maurus's offspring tend to be "hot" but manageable. Jayley looks and moves more like one of our geldings. She certainly has the movement to be a top sporthorse, should you decide to show a bit. And this will be one VALUABLE mare, due to her impeccable motherline!!!

Jayley stems from mare stam line 15, and her birthday is 06/6/11. The bonus is Jayley's foal; this will be this TALL (16 hands) mares' first foal. Jayley is bred to the highly acclaimed Approved stallion, Reinder, who just recently WOWED the crowds to a standing ovation at the Stallion Show. Jayley will give you a beautiful foal due on June 9th, so get your foaling stall ready!!

Jaylay comes with a thorough pre-purchase exam and ultra sound, completed in april, 2016. Buy this gorgeous 2 in 1 package NOW, she will NOT last!

One of the last chances to buy an imported mare that is bred to an Approved stallion, ONLY AVAILABLE in Europe, that will give you a foal worth half her purchase price THIS YEAR!!!

In Short, Jayley (registered as Jayley van Stall Kleine Heide) will give you a colt or filly, in June---you can't beat  the VALUE on this two for one package!!!!!

We can't WAIT to see Jayleys foal, sired by the one and only, Reinder. Reinder is a youthful and modern sire with a nice 'uphill' build. He stands out because of his flexibility, good use of his hind leg and his beautiful posture. Reinder brings his hind leg well under his hindquarters, while making good use of his back. In the canter he has a lot of elevation, this is especially important in dressage, and not all friesians have SUCH a good canter. Many Reinder offspring have became champion and are performing VERY well in sport.

Reg # 201103300

IMPECCABLE Pedigree, Jayley is out of a STER mare, grandmother is STER, great grandmother is STER, great great grandmother is STER!!!!  Jayley is ALSO preliminary STER herself, with a full paper..... So if she does an IBOP with sufficient points (6.7 average for walk and trot) she has already been chosen by the Dutch JUdges as STER---which is  IMPECCABLE 3rd party verification that this mare is the BEST of the BEST, ranking in the top 10% of all horses for conformation and movement! 

When a mare goes to the keuring and she is well built and good looking enough for Ster, but either in walk or trot she is not convincing enough at that moment, and the judges think that the horse is difficult to Judge, for instance due to the fact that the mare is too tense at that moment, they have the possibility to make them preliminary (provisional) Ster. Than they give the mare the opportunity to show herself in a driving or riding test and if she scores an average of 6.7 in walk and trot, she is permanently Ster….. At the keuring, Jayley didn’t flat walk. If she gets very tense she doesn’t really walk, she kind of jigs, (when she was supposed to be walking), hence the Judges made her provisionally STER, until they can judge her walk better.

And boy, Jayley can trot really well! She trots well in the video above, but she can do much more. Due to her rather heavy belly (pregnant!) and the fact that the field we filmed her in is not really even (it looks really flat, but there was corn on the field before and it is still a bit bumpy), she doesn’t show her best trot.

RARE opportunity to obtain a full pedigree  provisional STER mare, in foal to a European approved stallion, at  the price of a studbook or foalbook mare:)

Jayley has a solid dressage foundation under saddle.


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