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Diemer SPORT


Friesian Sire


Bonne 341
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Black Sterling LLC  is very VERY proud to offer this AMAZING long haired 3rd level dressage gelding----this is the horse EVERYONE wants, AND  Diemer took home two first place wins from  his 3rd level dressage competition last weekend!!!! There are less than 30 friesians in the U.S. that have acquired the highly sought after SPORT predicate, only achieved by having  numerous scores, with numerous judges, scoring OVER 65% on 3rd level tests.... and Diemer is one of the rare, creme de la creme, with  the highly desirable SPORT predicate---which is really tremendous 3rd party verification that this boy is TRULY a upper level dressage schoolmaster!!!

Diemer is a beautiful 7 yr old Friesian SPORT gelding, he has super movement combined with elegance and is very people friendly, a horse you cannot pass by!! AND he has gorgeous LONG hair, this boy is a head turner. And what a wonderfully mannered boy, with a nice animated trot, and gentle rolling 3 beat canter. Here is a very beautiful gelding, with ideal conformation, and a quiet, gentle, easy going nature, a horse that can truly be ridden by anyone, and everyone. We watched a young  rider navigate Diemer through a ring full of large horses going every which way, and Diemer was unfazed by it all, responding only to his RIDER'S cues, not the external stimuli----this boy is versatile! And easy going and GENTLE. He has a SUPER pedigree and a willingness to work that is unmatched. Speaking of pedigree,  his motherline couldn't be much better...


b-day 3/20/2009

stam line 35

TALL-- 167 cm!!!

This stunning boy has an amazing show record in 3rd level ( Z level in Holland) and would be IDEAL as a first horse for someone. LONG hair, sleek jetblack coat, and a fantastic people oriented personality, Diemer is a RARE gem! Diemer has a beautiful face, and an abundance of feathers, and LONG LONG mane. He has a stallion like appearance. Diemer is appropriate for beginners to advanced riders because of his  proven TALENT, and also his uncomplicated temperament.  He goes on trails on a regular basis and goes equally enthusiastically through the town's streets or on trails, or through traffic.

Diemer has impeccable ground manners and is very affectionate, and gets along well with other horses! He is a quick learner, and has no vices whatsoever. This boy has fantastic suspension AND extension to his gaits, which is so rare in the Friesian breed. Diemer is a very reasonably priced, good thinking, well trained gelding, currently WINNING in 3rd level competition

We RARELY find friesians with  his LOOKS, his  proven track record winning in upper level dressage, with a recent  vetcheck, and appropriate for all levels of riders----if that is what you are looking for, don't wait on this one---he wont last!

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