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Jesse 435
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Here is one drop dead GORGEOUS horse that is easy to handle.

No bad manners whatsoever. He is SUCH a nice horse to ride. With strong movements..... The young girl that is currently riding Jetse in the Netherlands is VERY fond of him!!! This is not a young horse that bucks or take offs.  However, Jetse DOES have a wonderful engine, and "go" button.  He is very eager to work----not a lazy friesian. This is the kind of horse you just have to sit on and steer a little, and you don't have to push every stride with him. A perfect horse for dressage.

Stays in a good frame, no matter what his rider does! This is one NICE friesian horse, with true UPPER UPPER level potential. FEI riders, take a look! You will like what you see when you are aboard this boy! This pretty boy has true natural ability, he is a powerhouse with his uphill conformation and he tracks up OH SO WELL. Talk about TALL, DARK, HANDSOME, this gelding is an ATHLETE!

4 year old,  Ridden AND driven, good looking sporty type. Very nice temperament. Always wants to work, but not a take offish or spooky kind of horse. Can move VERY well. Around 16 hands tall, and still growing.....

Jetse has a long curved neck,sculpted face, bellbottom feathers, plush tail & thick mane; and fantastic bloodlines. Elastic and a sport horse build,  not a clumsy thick Friesian who only moves like a tank.

Registered as Jetse J

SUPERB motherline:


B-day 5/27/2011

Stam line 100

Jetse has power, elasticity, and elegant grace; He is a marvelous athlete with a personality that is just a JOY to be around. driven, also in traffic. This fella is a really good-looking gelding, well built, easy to handle, no vices or bad habits. He is absolutely a horse that will do SUPER well in dressage competitions against warmbloods because he has 3 strong gaits and is always very eager to work and learn. Jetse is also a SUPER sweet horse in the stable:) Let Jetse take you up the levels, and all the while you will enjoy your ride aboard this expressive willing partner.  Jetse is the epitome of a FORWARD moving Friesian, with a very friendly sweet disposition, and just look at that head set! WOW!!!!

Rides in the countryside----- ALSO not a problem for this boy:)

We just had Jetse thoroughly vetted and xrayed, and xrays are available for review with your vet, on cd rom, so you don't have to worry about this horse NOT vetting!

Jetse JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area!!!!!

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