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Harmen 424
Friesian Sire


Jurjen 303
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

We fell in love with this BAROQUE 8 yr old  friesian gelding because he has FEATHERS that remind us of our Sterling's...


And a quiet, easy going demeanor----Wabe is the COMPLETE PACKAGE with a lot of hair. Easy and nice to ride under saddle..... Traffic? ......he does not even look at huge loud trucks, and he is GREAT on trails or at the beach by himself--super brave.

Looking for a driving horse?? Wabe also has a lot of experience pulling a carriage, both as a  single and in a pair. This boy loves attention and cuddling.

Incredible pedigree...


Stam Line 70

LOW 1.78% in breeding

 reg # 200700041

B-day 1/23/2007

Not only does Wabe have an impeccable pedigree, he has loads of potential for DRESSAGE; Wabe is one rare gem! Here is an experienced EASY to sit 8 year old gelding, 15.3 1/2 hands, with luxurious hair, gorgeous build, talent for being your FAVORITE pleasure/trail horse, or dressage or driving champion. And such a sweet, kind, giving horse, Wabe WANTS to please his rider. This boy  is a very easy and uncomplicated horse to ride, he is SO HONEST. He moves right off your leg, with smooth transitions, not at all spooky. It is difficult NOT to smile when on the back of Wabe, he is just so easy to ride. 

Wabe is the REAL DEAL----super LUX  mega mane and feathers, thick tail,  a beautiful mover with nice extended strides; he has 3 very good gaits. Wabe is super friendly, he loves people and has no vices whatsoever. He gets along well with other horses, and has an excellent dressage foundation, and would be an excellent western horse. 

This is a versatile horse...we think he has the mind and talent to be ridden by ANYONE, he is  comfortable being a pleasure/trail companion or in load busy traffic on the road. 

Wabe has a recent complete pre-purchase exam and is ready for his new forever home---- let us know right away if you would like him flown into NY, Canada or Mexico, otherwise he is arriving  in LAX soon!

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