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Tymon 456
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Chloe ( registered as Joke) is an amazing  4 yr old studbook mare that gave birth to a drop dead gorgeous filly sired by the approved stallion, Tyaarda 483, located in Europe,  on Mar 26!!!   

Check out her PHENOMENAL  movement in the video above....WOWZA!!!  This is an AWESOME Mare:)



Low  1.17% inbreeding

Stam line 103

ABFP scores to prove her prowess.... Under saddle scores of 75 and ub harness scores of 75.5, with an unbelievable 7.5 for her impeccable ground covering TROT!!!

Sired by the up and coming approved stallion,  Tymon 456 (Andries 415 x Leffert 306). Tymon is tall stallion. His long, beautifully shaped neck has great charisma. In the performance test he  displayed a high level in all three disciplines. His three basic gaits were high quality.He is known for his incredible attitude, and jaw dropping extended trot.

Reg # 201100181

Born 2/27/11

Chloe's filly is sired by a stallion we immensely enjoyed watching at the stallion show a couple weeks ago, Tjaarda 483, who has quite an extensive resume:

CK 2010 winner dressage talent for 4 year old stallions/geldings

Winner KFPS Novice Competition for Sjees 2011 

National Champion ladies class 2012 

CK 2012 winner dressage talent for  5 and 6 year old stallions/geldings 

KFPS Horse of the Year in 2012 

National champion women's driving class in 2013 

Champion chariot 2014 Outpost

National champion stallion KFPS 2014

Tjaarda is competing at ZZ Heavy which is just below Prix St. Georges....ZZ levels are preparation for international sport in dressage. This is one HIGHLY CREDENTIALED approved stallion!

Chloe is double trained to ride and fact, she just completed an ABFP test:

Riding test was completed on dec 15, 2014--with a resounding 74 total; and the driving portion was completed on Jan 29, 2015, with an even higher 75.5 total, and an unbelievable 7.5 score for her TROT!!!

Chloe is a wonderful mare with top notch bloodlines, as a rare imported Tymon daughter, and will be an asset to any breeding program, so if you are looking for a foundation mare to start a breeding program with, you couldn't have found a better mare! On the other hand, if you would like a marvelous friesian to enjoy riding AND driving or  doing dressage on, Chloe is EQUALLY as valuable as an equine partner!!!!!  She has a big ground covering trot and 3 good gaits---and NOT lazy:). She could easily reach the upper levels…. She’s simply a great mare, quite forward and easy to sit. She has a wonderful ability to extend.

She is VERY sweet and has amazing movement…a huge floaty trot. This mare is GOING PLACES---and we don't usually say that about mares. Born 2/27/2011, and registered as Joke. This is a VERY rare opportunity to buy a daughter of a stallion approved in 2009 , Tymon----showing 3rd level dressage, who is big, beautiful, talented and is bringing an exciting new dimension to the world of dressage. 

Chloe is beautiful, graceful, willing to work, and eager to please.... all these traits describe this gorgeous gal. Besides giving you a foal sired by the 4th level dressage champion, Tjaarda, she is also a GREAT sport horse--with 3rd party verification of her riding and driving ability with very high scores in the ABFP test in Dec/Jan! She has a wonderful disposition, phenomenal pedigree, and ideal uphill conformation.

In Short, a great mare to start a breeding program with,AND  double trained to ride AND drive. Chloe has a modern build, she is a nice mover, and is a deep black color. Chloe offers an amazing opportunity---- proven producer AND  potential to be an amazing show horse! Comes with a thorough pre purchase exam,  and is VERY reasonably priced!


Buy Chloe WITH  her gorgeous filly, sired by an approved stallion, Tyaarda, only available in Europe, by her side... and get an amazing 2 for 1 value, only $28,900 for both mare AND filly

Chloe is available by herself for only $19,900

and her filly is now  available for $9999


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