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Friesian Sire


Riemer 379
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BSF is proud to present a long haired fairytale looking friesian that is going 2nd level!

6 years old, 16.1 1/2 hands tall, long thick mane, uncomplicated, solid  2nd level dressage, phenomenal mover! Perfectly clean X- Rays!

Fury (formerly named Arola)  has been used in a variety of settings, and is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! He is a steady eddy but also a Flashy Wow kind of horse. He is a perfect dream come true at a nice price. This boy shows AMAZING length in his forelock and mane. The Riemer in him is very indicative of why he is such a good dressage horse! Arola has perfect x-rays. Here is a Top Class dressage friesian with true fairytale looks.

Looking for a well trained, 2nd level dressage horse? Here's a winner! His gaits are fabulous and he's even more flashy in freedom with his one meter long mane waving in the wind. Fury is a 'complete' horse with three very good gaits. His trot is elastic with great knee action AND extension, and his canter is even better than the average Friesian. A Jet black, not fading, baroque hunk with a beautiful head and a swan like neck. He's got the sweetest nature and is very easy to ride. His mane is at least one meter long (and will get much longer), thick tail and feathers. This hunk stems from excellent bloodlines. A true jewel for the ambitious rider or WONDERFUL as a pleasure/trail horse. Fury shows lots of potential and he has an extremely willing character! He has a splendid big strong walk, elastic light trot, balanced comfortable canter, walks on the bit completely on his own, very light, responds on light signals ! On top of it, his personality is so friendly!!! Forgiving and wants to please the rider. Gives a great feeling to his rider......

This teddybear is uncomplicated, can be ridden by rank beginners/novices. No problems in a trailer, safe in traffic. Steady as a rock, a true family horse. Lots and LOTS of mane and tail, tending towards Baroque. If you like tons of hair, you will LOVE him!! Clean X- Rays available for review with your vet. He is extremely friendly!

Just Arrived From Europe!

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