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Fridse 423
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

BSF is proud to offer this new Star gelding. He is 8 years old and is a Fridse x Brandus. This gorgeous boy  has a full paper. He is ridden and driven......A sweet, uncomplicated horse around 16.2 hands tall.

Looking for a well trained, NICE LOOKING, long haired, jet black tall horse----- Zaozerny is a GOOD one, very sweet, with the highly coveted STER predicate, indicating his conformation and movement were ranked top 10% of all friesian horses, at a keuring by the dutch Judges.

This is a really really sweet boy. He competed in dressage competitions in Germany at A level dressage, which  is similar to L-level in Holland, and First Level in the U.S.

He is easy to sit with a rocking horse canter.

Here is a very well trained and sweet, EXPERIENCED gelding. Not spooky, no vices or bad habits. He knows walk, trot, canter, leg yields, backing up, transitions from trot to canter and from walk to canter, and is great out on trails and in taffic. The girl in the video has never done competitions and she doesn't know much dressage....but even though she didn't know exactly what to do, Zaozerny responded very well!

He has a three easy to sit gaits and already does his transitions from walk to canter and from canter to walk and than switching to the other canter lead. You don't have to push him in the canter---- he just goes on by himself.  When you lunge him and it is a bit cold outside--- he puts his tail up and snorts!

Here is a horse that is absolutely suitable for all riders. If a rider is  a bit timid or nervous, Zaozerny is an IDEAL choice!!! A novice rider can feel comfortable  going to competitions right away!!!! And we think Zaozerny is TALENTED and  will easily be ready for higher levels, too!!! This is a horse you can put a total beginner on his back, and he won't do anything wrong.

Zaozerny is a GORGEOUS imported STER gelding with a recent pre purchase exam, that  is suitable for any rider because he is sooooo easy to handle, not a hotheaded/spooky kind of horse. He will work for you.

Don't wait, this one WON'T LAST!!! Zaozerny is a  good-looking, tall, EASY to ride ANYWHERE STER gelding.

Zaozerny just arrived  from Europe and is at our sonoma wine country stable, for you to come see and try!

Photos by [bd] photography,

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