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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Remmelt 323
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Dantino is a very rare find, especially his looks, movement and ride ability make him a special IMPORTED FRIESIAN  horse.

He is sired by Onne, a remarkably talented, not only as a dressage horse but also as a terrific carriage driving approved stallion. His dam's sire is Remmelt--who has a very interesting pedigree. Remmelt is known for improving type and rideability of sport horses. Remmelt adds that extra bit of noble baroque blood. Dantino has inherited both Onne and Remmelts' elegance and movement.

Dantino himself is a horse with excellent type, quality and character. He is a charming as well as good looking gentleman. He is a dream to train no matter what you want to work on, or where you want to go and he is a pleasure for his rider every day with his pleasant attitude and sweet behavior!

Dantino is also a fast learner and his education is solid, you can easily build on top of it. No vices, no problems to correct, just keep going with him.  He already competed successfully in Holland, placing and winning in big classes with fantastic scores, bringing home the ribbons, in huge groups of high quality Dutch horses, in M1 level ( 2nd level) competition.

He is ready to show the sport horse world what he is made of---or is equally as happy taking you for a gallop on a trail ride! This horse has a free shoulder and an electric hind leg, a solid foundation for an uphill horse with expressive gaits. He is suitable for the dressage ring, but is also VERY suitable for a child, a novice amateur just learning the sport. With his athletic built, he is suitable to excel in dressage or any other discipline you’d like. He was very much loved by his owner in the Netherlands and a caring home is a must.

He is a young star who will let your dreams come true. Take him out to clinics or parades/exhibitions and show him off, you can be sure to be recognized, remembered and commented on.

This boy is super smart, and something very special. His exterior as well as his interior could not be any better for his young age of only 7!! He knows how to be cross tied, travel/trailer, he loves to get a shower and have someone play beauty parlor on him---check out his amazing LONG mane!!! He is an uncomplicated and all around dream horse ideally suited for the amateur/junior rider. Dantino loves to be in your pockets and thrives for attention. He is easy to collect, light in the bit and in the hand, never spooky or takeoffish. Here is your dream boy, this guy has it all! X-rays on file and vetcheck just completed!

He is absolutely brave outside, and in traffic.  He will lead his rider and gives trust. His specialty is taking care of an extremely scared rider---he just DOES THE RIGHT THING. We are talking WELL mannered!

 Vet measured 167 cm tall. Nice and easy to handle... what more could you ask for? At or barn now in Sonoma for you to come see and try!!!

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