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Wisse BSF


Tsjitse 387
Friesian Sire


Jochum 259
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

1st Premie!!!

B-day 5-10-2007

LOW In Breeding  of 2.34%; Stam Line 14

IMPECCABLE motherline: Ster-STER-STB-STER+Pref7

Registered as Wisse fan 'e Hurddraversdyk

Reg # 200702982

BSF is proud to offer a stunning imported 7 year old, jet black 1st premie Friesian that is as much fun to ride as he is to look at! Wisse has MORE than 10 points in M2 level and is a HARD TO FIND upper level schoolmaster. This means he is scoring ABOVE 65% and qualified to compete at 3rd level dressage!! He is the horse of a lifetime that can take you all the way! Wisse is an exceptional choice for the serious amateur or professional dressage competitor.

His X-rays are available for review with your vet and are on CD-rom.

He currently measures 167 cm. There are truly less than 25 friesians in Europe competing at Wisse's level. It is an exciting time in this talented boy's life, the possibilities are endless and he has so much more to offer to his new owner. Wisse has been showing successfully at M2 level (3rd level) consistently scoring above 65 % and accruing over 10 winning points in the process, and he is calm, collected, NOT spooky--- VERY SUITABLE for an amateur or child!!! He is bright, very consistent with smooth transitions, sound, healthy and always wants to do his best. He’s elegant and captures the eyes and hearts of people around him. He is energetic, light in build, and sensitive to the aids. Wisse is a rare opportunity for an amateur rider looking for a well trained horse to learn on, or is perfect for an older adult, or young rider looking to be competitive at the highest level. He is really a special horse!!

He is double trained for carriage driving. And it doesn't end there... this boy is an EXCELLENT pleasure/trail horse!!!! Moreover, we found that Wisse is VERY well trained with all the "buttons" for a rider wanting to "learn" dressage. Come try Wisse at our barn and you may judge for yourself... He is like a ferrari among the friesians. With very little effort on the rider's part, he does what you want. His canter is so smooth and so powerful that even quality KWPN, dutch horses, can not beat him. With very little weight in your hands and with just a little push on the right button, you can get Wisse to do anything, with very little effort on the rider's part.

There are very few Friesian horses with this quality competing in dressage. Wisse showed us that he is a Friesian boy with a very nice character, and a good schoolmaster for people that are less advanced, or a proven competitor for people who want to go further up the levels in dressage--want to get your Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal????...Wisse can HELP you! Everybody who is into friesian horses, knows that there are not even 15 friesian horses that are as good as Wisse, in N America, with his PROVEN 3rd party verification of his show record. Imagine, you can have one of Holland's best friesian dressage horses in YOUR stable. If you want a winner, here is a 3rd level Friesian that many Judges have commented that his canter is his best movement. We know very few Z1 KWPN horses that possess such a strong canter.

He is a very enthusiastic horse that loves to work and learns very quickly. The combination number of this outstanding dressage schoolmaster is 588059wb. With this number you can find the latest score in the KNHS competitions. Wisse was thoroughly vetted with clean x-rays taken on Sept 24, 2014. Wisse is a winner (always in the top 5, even against the top wambloods). .... come try Wisse for yourself, at our Sonoma Stable!!!!!

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