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wander 352
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: hands

Ubben Was Just Crowned Reserve Grand Champion Colt at the Keuring!!!

Ubben's dam, Laila G.,  is a ster mare and the rest of her papers read ster, model, model + pref4, model + pref 6.

She should have been taken back for kroon but she 'got a dressage job' instead.... a working sporthorse mom!!!

Ubben isn't too happy about his mom being a working girl ---but he deals with it ( see photos above). She is quite an amazing 2nd level dressage horse!

Sape x Wander 

This is  a stud colt that  could be an approved stallion for YOU-- with this FULL pedigree:ster, ster, model, model +pref, model +pref

Already microchipped and registered with FHANA

Extremely rare Sape X Wander stallion candidate, WANDER has passed away,making  this boy a RARE find!

Son of a TOP breeding line ster mare -- THE line of approved Stallions!!! 8 Generations full pedigree ster, ster, model, model +pref, model +pref.

Sassy boy, with flare, approved stallion candidate quality already showing at a YOUNG age!

Upright with VERY correct conformation,  SWEET Character, big stepper, people oriented, huggey bear boy with CLASS!

Reg # 201402278

2nd Premie

Ubben has what it takes to go all the way.

 Don't be mistaken by his baby brownish coat--- he is shedding out his baby fur and underneath is a JET BLACK shiny coat!!!

This boy is a diamond in weanling form!

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