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Wisse 408
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

 Rosso is cool and relaxed , no matter where he is. He learns quickly and it is a pleasure working with him. He is that people oriented kind of horse that whinnies when you call his name and bonds incredibly with "his person".

A horse like Rosso comes around just once in a lifetime!!

He has a solid dressage foundation,  and is very responsive, moving easily off your leg.

B-Day 5/28/2006

Stam Line 8, registered as "Tibor"

Uncomplicated, cool, and easy in all situations.

Rosso has 3 VERY GOOD GAITS. Double trained to ride AND drive and very VERY good for beginner riders.

Rosso is all in one: a really talented  horse, a stunning pleasure/family-horse, a friend and partner outside on the trail  and even a lovely driving horse. He is safe in traffic and forgiving if the rider makes a mistake.

He is so stunning!

 Rosso is currently solidly at 1st level. He has also had versatile training in different environments such as trail riding in forests, open fields and ocean exposure.

This is a majestic Friesian with an excellent mind and top movement, equally suitable for a pleasure rider, or a more ambitious dressage ride.

He has been ridden in noisy neighborhoods with children and dogs, as you can see  in the videos,...even in traffic with tractors and very noisy motorcycles.

Rosso is a beautiful, impressive moving Friesian gelding!

He is built extremely well with a long neck & short coupled back and uses his body in the most athletic way. His natural tact & rhythm are beautiful to watch! He combines the big elegant topline of his sire Wisse 408 with the impressive dressage movement of Olaf 315, his dam's sire!

Please use a PC , not a MAC to view the videos, or install  FREE Microsoft media player if you are having difficulty watching the video clips of any of our horses).

Rosso's had an 11yr old on him that can easily stay in the saddle at the canter. He has primarily been used for trail and pleasure riding and recreation, and for beginners learning dressage. Never had any health or soundness issues whatsoever.

Comes with a recent thorough pre purchase exam AND xrays completed in July, 2014.

Rosso is set to arrive in los angeles soon---  if you would prefer he fly into NY,  Miami or canada or mexico--- let us know right away,  please! 

His price INCLUDES import and quarantine to the city of your choice OR come to BSF and see and try Rosso--- :)

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