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Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Bonne 341
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands


Impuls has electrifying movement which is no surprise given his pedigree of champion performance horses:

motherline could NOT BE BETTER....


B-day: April 2, 2010

His sire, Norbert,  known for great athleticism and his lineage from his dam's sire, Bonne (no longer living), is known for his great beauty and kind temperament.

Impuls displays the pure balance and agility a true FEI friesian requires and his natural ability for the collected work is evident. He also has excellent ability for the extended movements as well with powerful impulsion from the hindquarters and a free shoulder allowing for complete extension of the forelegs. He has the aptitude to be a premier riding and show horse and is DOUBLE trained to ride AND drive.

Impuls has forward going movement, (not one of those lazy friesians!) with  perfect use of the hindquarters. Well balanced gaits. He is a super horse for an ambitious dressage rider--as he is REALLY talented!!! Here is a REASONABLY priced gelding trained both for riding AND driving horse, and Impuls will make a perfect show, parade, exhibition and dressage horse. He has enough energy and stamina to compete with you on the highest levels, and what a versatile horse he is!! 

Impuls is a EXCEPTIONALLY good mover, not only when he runs free in the arena, but also when riding and driving!!! We think he has the attitude and movement of a winning FEI horse. This boy has a great future ahead of him. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. Impuls is posed and ready to take someone to the TOP in sport. He also enjoys relaxing trail rides, and Impuls is sensitive and responsive, a dressage rider's dream horse. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. He is ready to take someone to the TOP in competition or make you VERY happy as a wonderful pleasure horse. He also enjoys relaxing trail rides, and long grooming sessions. He is very comfortable to sit, and has forward and smooth gaits. This jet-black horse is kind, giving, non-spooky, and he WANTS to please. He has 3 good gaits, a FANTASTIC canter. He measures 16.2 hands and is STILL GROWING at only 4 years of age!!!

Impuls has a fabulous disposition. He would do well as a competitive show horse, or driving champion, but also loves to go on relaxing trail rides/hacks:) We like his wonderful training attitude. He is eager to please, and has a quiet and easy attitude. He has a recent vet report and clean xrays. Check out how easy going this sweet young boy is in traffic with BIG rigs driving by, and as a pairs driving horse:)

Impul's sire, Norbert, produces outstanding performance prospects with size, athletic ability, and a winning attitude, and clearly Impuls has inherited a pedigree worthy of Nobility.

  In short, Impuls shows tons of promise not only in having an outstanding competitive Dressage career, but he also loves to go on long treks and trail rides, and is just a super all around great ride and drive horse. Currently Impuls is L level ( first Level dressage) , with the sky truly being the limit for this VERY talented, big, PRETTY boy!!!



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