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Meinse 439
Friesian Sire


Teunis 332
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Here is a well trained, hard to find, IDEAL age of 5 yrs,  friesian gelding with all the front stepping feathered finery, and charisma and  work ethic of an older, VERY experienced sporthorse.

Ewald has Talent for upper level Sport!!!

Blue/Black with curls in the mane and  feathers. He is refined with long legs, graceful swan neck, beautiful sculpted head and  floating motion, with that rare ability to collect AND extend.

If you are looking for a SUPER well behaving boy, WITH dressage show experience---here he is!! Ewold competed at the Euro Cup, a dressage event for talented young friesian horses, and he was ridden by a very unsure rider-- and he performed EXTREMELY well!!!

He is double trained to ride AND drive, and has experience being in a 4 in hand as the lead, or as the wheel horse.

He is GENTLE-- an ideal family horse.  Check out the pictures of him being ridden bareback ( and videoclips!!)

He is 166 cm tall ( just over 16 hands)  and has a motherline to DIE for...

out of a MODEL mare, grandmother is STER+PREF4, great grandmother is STER+PREF4 and great great grandmother is STER.

 Ewald was chosen by the Dutch judges as tippy top 5% for conformation and movement!!! Stam line 24, with a low 1.76% inbreeding, and birthdate 6-26-2009.

This is a horse you can literally put your grandmother on.
Pleasure rides. GREAT at dressage.  Wonderful sweet personality, solid 5 yr old boy!!!

Ewald is a wonderful,  kind, giving family horse that is just at home out on the trail and in the woods, or being ridden bareback with a halter and lead rope, as he is pulling a cart and going for a nice Sunday drive. Yep, he is double trained to both ride AND drive, and is the kindest, sweetest, most willing partner you can imagine. His movement and conformation are ideal....having rec'd the highly coveted 1st premie status!!

Ewald (barn name is Bizou)is ready to go to his new forever home, as long as you promise to give him MUCH love! He has 3 wonderful gaits, and talk about IMPRESSIVE, this "always on the bit" boy is hard to miss! We like his uphill conformation, his jet black shiny coat, and his WONDERFUL disposition, and long curly hair. He has no vices whatsoever, and would be an ideal choice for a novice, timid, or inexperienced rider, or child, or amateur adult, due to his willingness to please, and experience in all different types of settings.

Note, in the pairs driving pics and clips, Ewald is on the LEFT.


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