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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Copy and paste into your browser the video of this sweet and willing to work gelding:

(the horse on the lunge is Wytze!)






BSF is proud to offer Wytze, a wonderful 6 yr old STER gelding currently competing at 2nd level. Wytze has been with the same owner for the last several years, and is only being sold because his rider is off to college. She is a young amateur rider competing with Wytze at M level (2nd level) and consistently scoring ABOVE 65-70%, and Wytze has the winning points to PROVE it. So he is definitely able to compete against warm bloods, and come out on TOP:)

 Besides whipping the warmbloods at competitions, Wytze also enjoys long rides outside, in the woods, on the beach and everywhere!! He is also very familiar with traffic, nothing bothers this guy.

This son of JASPER SPORT, whose STER +Pref6 dam is sired by the ONE and ONLY LEFFERT SPORT +Preferent, has an exceptional pedigree with a motherline that also sports a  grandmother that is STER.... it's in the genes....Wytze's conformation and movement is rated in the top 10% of all Friesians, this STER gelding is special.

Because Jasper semen does not freeze (and this amazing approved stallion is located in europe) , the only way to get a Jasper offspring is to IMPORT him. Wytze is  out a good breeding line. He is double trained to ride AND drive; also very accustomed to  traffic. He is 168/169cm tall and has a very long mane and forelock!!!!

This is one FEI level dressage horse that is elastic, elevated, and feels awesome to the rider! At a mere 6 yr of age, Wytze is ALREADY 2nd level, the world is this boy's oyster!! He is not finished climbing the levels, he is still young! We love this STER Gelding's super disposition, his SUPER elasticity under saddle, and his raw talent. He is not STAR "quality".... He IS STER!!!~ Wytze is a beautiful and kind Friesian gelding with the "exclusive" STER rating. He has a very athletic build and 3 very good gaits. He is forward and has that kind temperament the Friesian horse is known for. He is competing and consistently scoring well against warm blood horses and he is training 3rd level. This boy knows  rein back, counter canter, walk-canter departs, turn on the haunches, has spectacular collected gaits AND extended gaits, a VERY easy to sit trot, does shoulder in, half pass, and is one of those rare friesians that will do flying changes.

He is the kind of horse that is easy, fun and rewarding to work with! (16.3 hands)

He is quite simply, BREATHTAKING. A fairytale come true, you will be immediately awed by his unbelievable long hair, and stature...this horse KNOWS he is the cat's meow! A STER gelding by Jasper [Ate's daddy] out of a Ster LEFFERT mare that has had 5 out of 6 offspring make ster, can't beat this boy's pedigree! He is as gentle as a lamb....stepping on him is like sitting in your favorite recliner, he is as smooth as silk, and a push button dressage horse. Light and lofty, with fantastic natural elasticity to his gaits, we rarely see a Friesian with transitions like his. Sensitive and responsive, yet kind and gentle enough for a junior rider, Wytze is a spectacular fairytale Friesian that only comes along once in a lifetime.

The family we bought Wytze from is the same family that bred him, and he s a FULL BROTHER to the incredibly talented  dressage ster gelding, Nirvana, we imported several years ago! He comes out of the combination of the ster mare, Hinke fan ´e Hameren, with Jasper 366. His family decided to keep the little deeply black foal, when he was little, the daughter of his family did a lot of imprinting, and nice things with him. As a yearling and 2 year old, he spent his entire summers with other stallions in the meadows, not far from his family's farm. When he was 3 yrs old, he was trained for the stallion inspection, after that he was trained under saddle and trained to pull a carriage. Then he was gelded. He was slowly and methodically started in dressage, trained slowly and correctly, and had immediate success at the competitions. It was obvious from the start that this boy was a phenomenal sporthorse, JUST LIKE NIRVANA. He was SO kind and sweet when he was away from home, at the dressage competitions, a FUN horse to show. He went to the keuring and received the famous STER predicate. His dutch family was so happy for the colt they bred and trained. It was a double success for them because his mother, Hinke, became  DOUBLE preferent. Wherever he goes, at competitions and other places, everyone loved him..... he is really an eyecatcher with his long flowing mane and true JASPER looks.

Comes with a brand new vetcheck and set of 18 xrays:)

B-day 5-15-07

in -breeding co-efficient 1.37%

Breeding line 219

Registered Name Wytze fan 'e Hameren

Reg # 200703073

16.3 hands



Wytze competed at his last dressage competition in Europe on May 11....and this talented magnificent friesian once again came out on top.....winning ....and earning yet another winning point in M level dressage (2nd level).

Wytze just arrived in sonoma!!!!

This one of a kind well trained fairytale horse will NOT LAST.

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