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Sibald 380
Friesian Sire


Laes 278
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: hands

For those of you with Apple computers, here is a youtube video my friend Pam put took:

ROYCE was born at 6;45 pm on feb 12, and he is the BIGGEST , HEALTHIEST, STRONGEST colt we have ever seen, not to mention the MOST people friendly---within 20 minutes, he was standing, and trying to crawl in every humans pocket!!!!

He is out of our stunning LONG haired STER mare, Colata, also available------ She has passed on her ideal uphill conformation, willingness to work---

Royce truly is the sweetest, kindest, MOST PEOPLE FRIENDLY colt we have ever had grace our premises. His mother, Colata, is a beautiful Laes daughter showing the distinct heritage of her sire in an impeccably quiet and cooperative disposition. This attractive STER mare has a gorgeous topline and lots and LOTS of hair! She carries RARE old bloodlines that are difficult to duplicate these days. Colata's dam's sire is Bendert, one of our most favorite Approved stallions of all time. It is said that the QUALITY of a Friesian horse is in their MOTHERLINE----and the ability of that motherline to pass on superb traits and characteristics. Colatas's motherline obviously produces TOP TOP quality offspring, like Royce, her motherline is exceptional, and Colata herself was a 1st  premie foal!!!!

And Royce certainly has his  father, Sibald's,  gorgeous face and head and amazing hair.

Royce is one drop dead gorgeous, and reasonably priced, friesian stallion!!! Royce IS available for $9900 and may go home with you as soon as he is weaned, in June.

What a SWEET and wonderful colt, ALL BLACK, and boy is he gonna be BIG---he can't even duck under his momma's belly at 24 hours old!


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