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Gjalt 426
Friesian Sire


Tsjerk 328
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Auke F. , reg# 200801009



Gjalt by  Tsjitske F.

Mother is a STER mare by the recently deceased approved stallion, Tsjerk.

Tsjerk 328 passed away at the age of 21, bringing an end to the life of one of the most popular and successful Friesian stallions of recent decades. Tsjerk 328 had stood at the Toonen family's stud farm in Maren-Kessel since 2002 Tsjerk 328 was an extraordinary horse with his breeding value for conformation amongst the highest. He had as many as 483 Ster offspring, an unprecedented number in the breeding of Friesian horses. Nine of his daughters received the Model predicate and 328 of his descendants have gained the Sport Predicate. His approved sons are Maiko 373, Andries 415 and more recently Hinne 427, Loadewyk 431, Norbert 444 and Michel 442. He also has six approved grandsons, including three via son Andries 415.

Beautiful five year old STER STALLION with the highly coveted FIRST PREMIE predicate, awarded not once, but TWICE!!!

  But this isn't just a dressage show horse, Auke could be destined to be an approved stallion, and almost WAS here in the U.S.--- clean on xrays and GOOD semen, his life has been mixed with recreation---- and lots and lots of just plain fun pleasure/trail riding!! Trained to ride and drive, started gently, and now ready to do whatever YOU want to do----this is one flashy, fancy CLEAN SLATE----ready to go:)

 He has three good gaits, his walk is spacious, he has a beautiful trot and a powerful canter. He is very easy going, is very calm in any situation, and has absolutely no stable vices. This boy is safe, sane, 100% sound, and ready for his new forever home. Uncomplicated, really easy, even for a stallion!

 He is an absolutely gorgeous jet black friesian STER STALLION by Gjalt and out of an impeccable STER mare. There are very few Friesians in this country that have achieved the highly coveted 1st premie status---this is an IMPORTED stallion, that  was crowned  the creme de la creme of the tippy top 1-5% of ALL FRIESIANS, as an adult horse, TWICE in his life, at the mere age of 5 yrs old, FIRST PREMIE!!!!

come on......

what other stallion in this country can say that?!?

Auke is from the GOLD STANDARD of all stam lines: Stam Line 50: this line has produced MORE APPROVED STALLIONS than any other!!!!

And he has a VERY low in breeding co efficient of just 0.59%

Measured at 165cm when under 3 yrs old, this boy is now over 16.2 hands tall. He has the motherline to be an approved stallion:


Auke is only 5 yrs old, which means he is not stopping anytime soon--- this sweet stallion is climbing the levels,  He has the natural born talent for collection required in the upper levels. AND he has a wonderful temperament and can be ridden by anyone. This horse would be ideal for any rider looking for a kind beautiful horse to compete and learn with, or just have fun pleasure/trail riding!

An APPROVED STALLION IN THE MAKING?  This dancing horse has it ALL....


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