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Sibald 380
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 17.1 hands

Here is a youtube video of Bentley on a trail ride at Moore Creek Park. !

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This is one gentle giant, affectionately known as sweet "baby Bentley" -----this striking TALL boy was even featured in the Rose Parade along with some other of his friesian companions, driving!!!

And how many friesians do you know that actually are trained to NECK REIN ( extensive western training)?!?  That's right---- VERSATILE with a capital "V".  This boy  has a solid dressage foundation, has  MUCH western training and neck reins perfectly, AND is trained to drive!!!

A really sweet, kid friendly, husband safe gelding. B is an absolute sweetheart, and his owner rode him on very difficult trails. This is one of the tallest friesians we have ever offered---typically our friesian geldings are around 15.3-16.0 hands..... Bentley looks like something out of a movie when ridden--he is QUITE IMPRESSIVE. We are mostly concerned that this loving boy go to a good home with someone that has time for him and will give him the attention he deserves. He is doing very well in dressage, and could easily be a solid mid-level contender, but he also loves the trails so much, he would be ideal for someone to use him in that capacity as well. If you are looking for an exceptionally sweet, kind, giving horse and you promise to provide a good loving home, Bentley may just be your new best friend. Bentley would like to go to someone who will dote on him. He just loves to be groomed and will actually fall asleep.

He will also stand without being tied for a shampoo.

Height: Those of you looking for TALL, here he is! Well OVER 17 hands..... We love Bentley's kind personality (he is a people pleaser), has a good work ethic, loves trail rides, has a solid dressage foundation, has three really good gaits, is nice and quiet, responsive,  in short, is a great all-around leisure/pleasure/trail/mid-level dressage horse! He was used for driving thus he is double trained to both ride AND drive.

Registered as "Oscar, reg # 200402863, with a birthdate of 4/6/04 and and impeccable pedigree:  with a mother and grandmother that are BOTH STER!!! Bentley stems from line 160 and has a low 2.93% inbreeding.

Easy to ride and drive ANYWHERE Friendly and So Easy to Handle, Even a Child Can Ride Him.

I personally rode bentley on a 3 hour trail, bareback, recently, and LOVE this kind, sensitive, sweet boy!!!

Come take him for a spin !!!!


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