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Sibald 380
Friesian Sire


Jillis 301
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Hilbrant was trained in Sweden, prior to flying to America. Trainer, Sylvia Lindström, slowly and methodically started him under saddle  when he was 3 years old. Sylvia  carefully educated and trained him in the Swedish way of training dressage-horses: mostly outside, in all weather....which made Hilbrant the GREAT all around, all weather horse that he is today:)

Hilbrant is cool and relaxed , no matter where he is. He learns quickly and it is a pleasure working with him. He is that people oriented kind of horse that whinnies when you call his name and bonds incredibly with "his person".  A horse like Hilbrant comes around just once in a lifetime!!

He has a solid dressage foundation, knowing lateral work and is very responsive, moving easily off your leg.  He canters from the walk, does simple changes and has a nice counter canter. 

AND  he is trick trained!!!!!!


Hilbrant does the spanish walk and everyone at the barn has sooo much fun showing off his tricks.  He likes cantering at the beach or through the forest. As you see ------he is very fun to ride!!

Uncomplicated, cool, and easy in all situations. Hilbrant is all in one: a really talented dressage horse, a stunning show-horse, a friend and partner outsides on the trail rides and even a lovely driving horse (has been driving in Holland as 3 years old). He is safe in the traffic and forgiving if the rider makes a mistake. As Hilbrant´s farrier says: "There is only one Friesian horse like Hilbrant. He is so stunning! He is simply the best!"

He has been ridden  in noisy neighborhoods with children and dogs. He's had an 11yr old on him that can easily stay in the saddle at the canter. He Spanish walks on cue.  We were told he reached level M in dressage in europe. He has primarily been used for trail riding and recreation  in the US. 

Never had any health or soundness issues whatsoever. Comes with a recent thorough pre purchase exam completed on  July 21, 2011. 

Come take Hilbrant for a spin, he is at our sonoma wine country stable! 

Birthday: 4/13/02

motherline: STER-Stb-STER-STER+PREF

Reg # 200218781

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