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Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Erik 351
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 17.0 hands

Kootwijk Z1 Champion (copy and paste into your browser):

Copy and paste into your browser this youtube movie, made by a television station in holland (about Nobby because he won so many big competitions):

Video from the clinic with Adelinde Cornelissen at the Stallion Show 2011 Doing Flying Changes:

VERY VERY rare opportunity to purchase a 7 yr old SPORT ster gelding that is competing at ZZ Light Level!!!!

Nobby is the best dressage horse we have ever been honored to own. He is a once in a lifetime horse. He was also named the best dressage horse for the last three years in the Netherlands!!!

We handpicked this talented TALL gem of a sporthorse at the stallion show in January, when we saw him in a clinic with rider, Judith Peterson----wow---this is one AMAZING dressage horse!!!!!

This will be your best horse, EVER.

1st Premie as a foal, this ster +SPORT gelding's pedigree is textbook:


Stam line 1, with a low 2.15% inbreeding and b-day 4/29/04

Combination number 501305KP.

Judges ADORE this tall sporthorse with the  AMAZING canter, frequently coming back to the stable after the competitions to tell his rider how much they like her horse! Judges write: "talented horse, beautiful horse, very very positive feedback....".

His record speaks for itself, and remember, he is ONLY 7 yrs old....

He has already achieved the prestigious SPORT Predicate, to go along with his coveted STER status.

Nobby was seventh place at the subli-CUP FINALS (FEI World Cup test for 6 year olds) with an average score of 74.8%! (He was the ONLY friesian at this whole FEI competition!).

Nobby was Dutch Champion for the third time as "most promising Dressage Horse" October 2010, with a score of 84 Points! On 09/04/2010 he was  KNHS Reserve Champion Hippiade Z1, with an average score of 68.33% (never before has a friesian shown in  Z level [3rd level] with such  high scores during the Nationals!)

Nobby was the KFPS Z1 dressage Dutch Champion 2010!   AND Nobby was   Friesian Champion Z1 on 8/14/2010. This talented boy has won 3 new saddles for his rider, Judith Peterson, over the last 1 1/2 years:) 

He was Dutch dressage champion of the  KFPS in  M1 dressage (2nd level)  in 2009, with the highest score of all classes! (Nobby obtained 3 points in one test by 2 judges!)

He was  indoor champion winner of the  "silver whip" and Dutch Champion in 2009 as the most promising dressage horse!

In 2008, in his test, Nobby obtained an 8.5 for his "Step" and a  "9" for trot AND canter.

Nobby was Dutch Champion in 2008 for the KFPS in  L2 dressage.

He has lots of character and LIKES to work.  His talent is MORE than proven by his show record.

As a 3-year-old, we was reserve champion at the 2007 Euro Cup Bottle.

He skipped the M2 level and the Z2 levels. He was capable of starting right away from the Z1 level (3rd level) to the ZZ-Light level (4th level).
He now has 7 points already in ZZ LIGHT!!!!!

Following is Nobby's Official Show Record:

Kop Jansen Nobby
Dressuur paard Breedte Sport Klasse Z1 Z1+28 25 sep 2010
Dressuur Nat/Int Top Sport Klasse ZZ Licht ZZL+7

TOLBERT IDG IDG L2-11 25 jan 2009 69,33% 501305KP

79086 OENKERK IDG IDG L2-11 28 feb 2009 64,00% 501305KP VP0000844

Sonnega IDG L2-11 14 mrt 2009 68,00% 501305KP VP0001955

Havelte DG M1-17 10 mei 2009 65,67% 501305KP VP0001777

De Wijk DG M1-18 1 jun 2009 67,33% 501305KP VP0001777

De Wijk DG M1-17 1 jun 2009 60,33% 501305KP VP0000739

Kootwijk DG M1-18 27 jun 2009 68,67% 501305KP VP0000739

Kootwijk DG M1-17 27 jun 2009 63,67% 501305KP VP0002958

Warga DG M1-16 11 jul 2009 66,33% 501305KP VP0003004

Drachten DG M1-16 24 jul 2009 63,33% 501305KP VP0003004

Drachten DG M1-15 24 jul 2009 67,33% 501305KP VP0002439

Assen DG M1-15 9 aug 2009 66,00% 501305KP VP0002439

Assen DG M1-16 9 aug 2009 62,33 501305KP VP0003529

Koudum DG M1-16 15 aug 2009 68,00% 501305KP VP0003529

Koudum DG M1-15 15 aug 2009 70,33%!!! 501305KP VP0003530

Stuifzand DG M1-15 29 aug 2009 67,00% 501305KP VP0003530

Stuifzand DG M1-16 29 aug 2009 66,00% 501305KP VP0002315

Kootwijk DG M1-16 19 sep 2009 64,33% 501305KP VP0002315

Kootwijk DG M1-15 19 sep 2009 69,56% 501305KP VP0008709

Dwingeloo DG Z1-26 24 apr 2010 60,88% Pagina 3 / 5 501305KP VP0008709

Dwingeloo DG Z1-25 24 apr 2010 62,65% 501305KP VP0008518

Marum DG Z1-26 16 mei 2010 62,06% 501305KP VP0008518

Marum DG Z1-25 16 mei 2010 69,71% 501305KP VP0009758

Warga DG Z1-24 10 jul 2010 62,65% 501305KP VP0010491

Oldeholtpade DG Z1-24 11 jul 2010 60,88% 501305KP VP0010491

Oldeholtpade DG Z1-23 11 jul 2010 64,41% 501305KP VP0010634

Zwaagwesteinde DG Z1-24 17 jul 2010 65,88% 501305KP VP0010634

Zwaagwesteinde DG Z1-23 17 jul 2010 70,59% 501305KP VP0010919

Westerbork DG Z1-24 24 jul 2010 66,76% 501305KP VP0010919

Westerbork DG Z1-23 24 jul 2010 65,88% 501305KP VP0011651

Koudum DG Z1-24 7 aug 2010 63,83% 501305KP VP0011651

Koudum DG Z1-23 7 aug 2010 67,94% 501305KP VP0011437

Gorredijk Regiokamp Friesland DG Z1-24 14 aug 2010 66,18 501305KP VP0011437

Gorredijk Regiokamp Friesland DG Z1-23 14 aug 2010 65,59% 501305KP VP0010267

Assen DG Z1-24 15 aug 2010 68,53% 501305KP VP0010267

Assen DG Z1-23 15 aug 2010 65,8% 501305KP VP0011936

Ermelo Hippiade DG Z1-23 3 sep 2010 68,3% 501305KP VP0011936

Ermelo Hippiade DG Z1-24 3 sep 2010 64,12% 501305KP VP0011415

Kootwijk DG Z1-24 25 sep 2010 64,85%

Nobby has won soooo many a mere
3 year old - he was already showing he had the TALENT and movement to take him all the way. He was Reserve Champion at the Eurobottlecup (Competition for young dressage horses ).

As a 4 year old - he was Champion of L2 dressage -and  Champion as the Most Promising Dressage Horse with an 85 % score (one of the saddles he won!!!)
5 year old - Champion M1 dressage almost 70%!!! (overall winner, he won another saddle!!! ) - Champion Silver Whip (Indoor Dressage Competition, overall winner! )
Champion Most Promising Dressage Horse 78% 5/6 year old horses (he won another saddle!!!)
6 year old - Champion of Friesland in 1 Dressage - Reserve Champion Dutch Championships (NK) 68,33% Z1 Dressage!!! - Champion Z1 dressage  -Again  Champion Most Promising Dressage Horse 82 %!!! (This time not a saddle, but a bridle) - 7th place Subli- Final (Selection World Championships, friesian horses not allowed in the international competition, but only in holland, he was first friesian and only that scored that high between the best kwpn horses in holland!!  He scored 74,8 % on the WK test!!!!
7 year old - ZZ-Light dressage 7 points

With scores of 65.29 % and 64.73 % starting in ZZ Light, not only is he showing superbly, the comments he receives are just unbelievable!

Nobby is really a dream horse! He will never let you down at the competitions. He loves to show! Always with his ears forward, he really enjoys his work.

We are sure that when he continues showing in the US , within a few months he will be Prix St George, and the youngest friesian in the US ever showing at this level. This is a very rare opportunity to own simply THE BEST.

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